This is a blog where I plan to review every caramel slice in the UK and post my findings upon the site. It was something I orignally planned to make a book out of, back when I was younger. But now with the brilliance of technology, I can put them on the World Wide Web, for myself and everyone else.

My posts will be written in my style of writing, which I hope you can all get used to. I am an eccentric person so some of my idiosyncrasies may appear in my posts. But that makes them more fun to read. 😀

A bit about me:

I am 22 year old with a degree in Journalism and Photography. I love to volunteer and take part in creative festivals.

In my spare time I like to read, listen to music, go cycling, cook/bake, knit and eat caramel slices!

Yours, Daniel.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh please tell me you’ve tried the ones from the Murray Library (shipped in from Kings Cafe in Newcastle) they are truly one of THE best ever!

  2. Hi Daniel…hope you’re well…I’d like to send you a sample of my caramel square which I have recently entered into the Great Taste Awards! We are based just outside Belfast in a town called Holywood…our place is called The Whalley Cafe!! Please send me you address details and I look forward to sending you some samples in the post!! Many thanks Stephen Whalley

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