Forsyth’s Tearoom, Edinburgh

dsc00895Travel never does the caramel slices I buy any good. I should eat them and review them there and then, not 24 hours later after carrying them home in my coat pocket. But at the time I had card games to play and repeatedly lose.

Edinburgh is a lovely city. Despite how much complaining I did about the weather (it was snowing at times, raining mostly, cold of course) I did enjoy being there and the company I had to take it in.

dsc00881It was a day of getting lost in a museum, eaten by a whale or some other large mammal, getting excited about formula one cars, feeling philosophical in a church, dancing to terrible singing of Surfin’ USA and learning the history of Scotland. I had a great time.

Mid afternoon, we go to a cafe and order some lunch and of course I spot a caramel slice on the counter. I buy it, but choose not to eat it until I have pen and paper to hand. Bit of a mistake that. As I mentioned earlier and in the pictures, it got rather ruined in transit. Though to be fair in looked a bit rough when it was handed to me at the caf’.

dsc00865The effect spoiled the crumble test, when I opened it, it was a monumental cascade, a flooding on the plains of my green plate. I was upset about this, because as I ate it, I realised the base was the best part.

We’re looking at 10cm x 4cm of caramel, chocolate and shortbread. The chocolate was thin and well, tasteless. In fact, so was the caramel too. It had the consistency of a Twix bar, and I hate Twix bars.

dsc00899This lack of flavour, as a possibility, could be from it not being home-made, I mean that it was made in a factory. I know this, as it was in a wrapper. Sadly, I can no longer work out who made it, the wrapper got wrecked in the delivery. And the price, again, I don’t know, but I have the feeling that it was a lot, due to the price I paid for the entire lunch. I wish I had the key lime pie.

Don’t get me wrong, the cafe was lovely, it was down a passage from the Royal Mile. Small and warm and delightfully decorated. Just don’t get a caramel slice. Granted, home-made isn’t always better, but there’s more love and care in them. Factories suck.

4 out of 10.


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