Waitrose, UK


A trip to York should have me going to an artisan bakery or an idyllic cafe, not a supermarket. Though Sunderland doesn’t have a Waitrose, and this one in York was merely a passing fancy, with a “well, why not?” thrown in.

The shop is nothing more than your average supermarket, but with more packaging wrapped around the items, and with regards their caramel slices, Belgian chocolate, instead of…something else. Though, I did notice a shelf-stacker wearing a suit-jacket, and I was surprised and thought, “Yeah, okay, that’s kind of nice, you know? Professional at what-not?” Keeping up appearances. I was sure to hide my Tesco club card vouchers at the till.

One noticeable difference in their products is the price. This packet of slices was £2.25, that’s a hefty price tag for caramel slices. To me, that should go towards a desert, like a roulade or a crumble, not some snack bite sized slices.

These Millionaire’s Shortbreads (still a caramel slice, just a different way of saying it. The fancier way.) measured approximately 4cm x 4cm. It’s approximate, because I used my pinky finger to measure it, since I didn’t have a ruler. It’s truly a great way to measure things. But I forgot to measure the depth, though going off the box it could be around 2cm, but I really don’t think that’s the case.


Described as being luxurious and smooth, they are coated with dark Belgian chocolate, which I found to be rich and empowering and extremely tasty. Though, I am a sucker for chocolate.

Carrier bags are underrated and misjudged. They are so incredibly helpful, that a large percentage of us don’t realise when we cast them aside and thus, create havoc for our landfills, and essentially our environment. The 5p bag tax (or whatever) is a great incentive to make us consider the use and need of them. I often avoid buying one, where I can. Incidentally, I carried the shortbreads home in a badminton racket case. Needless to say they got a big shaken at an angle, and this may have resulted in their crumbly base. That said, it was a light, sweet, creamy base and so these are factors that may have affected it’s stability.

With the chocolate being so rich, it has a habit of being the main flavour on a caramel slice. Here, the caramel tastes like toffee but with a warm fudge consistency, but the flavour is mostly lost to that chocolate.

In the end, the slice just had me craving for Belgian chocolate, forgetting completely about the caramel and shortbread.


I rate it 6 out of 10, the price and lack of caramel flavour were the main deciding factors.


Important bits (per slice):

Energy: 667kj / 159kcal

Fat: 8.5g

of which are saturates: 4.7g

Carbohydrates: 19.5g

of which are sugars: 13.5g

Fibre: 0.5g

Protein: 0.9g

Salt: 0.15g




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