Time Banh Mi, Newcastle-upon-Tyne


I did some minor acting at the weekend. I partook in an audience and did some cheering and clapping, enough to work up an appetite. My friend suggested we stop in at a Vietnamese sandwich shop, I was like, ‘okay! Sounds good, I’m all for new foods.’ (I don’t eat out very often). 

A BBQ Pork Sandwich was my choosing and lo and behold on the counter we had a caramel shortbread. Even more so, next to it was a Caramel um, er, granola? Oat? Muesli? slice…I can’t remember what kind of base it had, but it was chocolate, caramel and then some base that I know would upset my stomach, from previous bad breakfasts. Tasty stuff, but gives me heart-burn.

Needless to say I asked for a Caramel Slice and the lady behind the counter didn’t know which one I wanted, so I did a little jig to the other side of the room to show her which…I could have just said shortbread.

For a slice from Time Banh Mi you’re looking at paying £1.70 for a fair amount of cake, measuring in at 11.4cm long x 4.8cm wide x 2.1cm deep. An average thickness, but the base took up over a third of that space.

The shortbread, was crumbly and messy and I found my notepad turning into a cake. It’s taste was just fine, it’s smell and texture were fine also. Fine. Just fine.


The caramel, what little there was had a great texture and consistency, but because it was sparse, it had a major lack in flavour, making the slice more like a fancy shortbread biscuit.

Thin caramel led to thin chocolate, soft, tasty…fine. Just fine. It’s flavour was lost in it’s overall, rather, bland taste.

All sad really, for the size and price. I finished it, but it felt like a bit of a chore. 

The BBQ Pork Sandwich, with sweet chilli sauce, by the way was fantastic, great flavours, from the sauce and vegetables and pork and the bread was crispy but soft and easy to chew through. I recommend their sandwiches but not the’re caramel slices, I’m afraid.

Just fine gives them a 3 out of 10

(Their sandwiches though, perfect, top marks).


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