Bells of York, York


This time, I will provide you with a review that’s longer than a jumbled and sloppy paragraph (see my last review to know what I mean). I’m not sat shivering in a cafe this time, I’m home, basking in the warmth of the sunshine while listening to AC DC (it doesn’t get much better).

On another trip to the wonderful historic city that is York, while looking for a non-crowded cafe on a Saturday afternoon, we eventually found Bells of York facing out onto the market square filled with the smells of summer. I’m talking roast pork, barbecued beef and the smoke from the fire. We ate at Cooplands instead. Because I wanted to.

Bells of York was quiet, it was small, but there were tables free inside and then more tables were decorating the square outside, so we ordered a coffee, latte for me, and I purchased a caramel slice too.


It wasn’t a home-made caramel slice, sadly, but a handmade one none-the-less. It was wrapped in plastic and cardboard and on first appearances, due to an uneven but smooth top, looked most delightful. When I say uneven I mean, wavy like cool chocolate-spread caressing the hot body of a slice of toast, at the precise moment just after it has warmed but before it soaks into the bread.

Closer inspection, of what I perceived was a shortbread base, led me to think it was shortcake instead. In fact it was rather like both. It tasted like shortbread, but had the construction of a shortcake resulting in a cascade of crumbs, much like the demolishing of brick and concrete. It’s taste was simple, just fine.


The amount of caramel looked wonderful, but would too much be, well, too much? It wasn’t. It was chewy and sucking on it reminded me of consuming melted cheese or a piece of French Brie, not what you want when eating a desert. The flavour was much like a toffee Quality Street and so actually was a good taste.

Not that you can really taste it, but the chocolate did exist, but it’s only job was to provide somewhere to hold the slice. It was thin and unpronounced, meaning when the slice was eaten as a whole you couldn’t taste the chocolate. On its own it tasted of the chocolate they use in advent calendars. So nothing wonderful.


To sum up, it was pretty naff, not rubbish, just not good.

4 out of 10


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