Thorntons Christmas, Tesco, UK.

Thorntons, like most other manufacturers have brought out Christmas versions of cakes they currently already do. Mostly it takes some new wording, a pretty photograph and a splash of red and white art work on the packaging to advertise its that time of year again.

To a degree it’s a ploy to make you buy them, you think ‘ooh that’s pretty, I wonder if they taste pretty.’ Okay, I’m joking a bit, but that’s the truth. In short these festive Thorntons caramel slices taste exactly the same. That’s not a bad thing if you remember how orgasmic the standard ones proved to be and you can read about that here.

So, yeah, they taste great, they have new packaging and they have a lovely, sweet bit of decoration upon their chocolate tops. Pretty, yeah.

There’s 9 to a pack (still), they’re tiny and that could make you think they’re a waste of money and they are if your trying to feed a village. But they taste fantastically good, so that when you buy them for yourself, and if you don’t be greedy (yeah, I know it’s difficult) then they can last 9 days or 4 and a half, 3, maybe only two. Did I mention they were tasty? Hmm. That is a reason to eat them fast, then you go out and buy more to fill the void and then you’ve spent £10.50 and it’s only been a week.

That’s right they cost £1.50 each.

And they’re sold in Tesco, which I always thought was strange. They’re probably sold in Thorntons too, I just never go in there. Sorry family, you’re not getting Thorntons chocolate for Christmas. Unless I buy it from Tesco I suppose. Never mind Jingle Bells it’s Clubcard points all the way!

I’ll admit, these slices make me feel Christmas-y. If you know me, I don’t usually get into the spirit until about a boxing day.

No that’s not true, it’s usually about 10 o’clock Christmas morning, when there is still hope that it could snow. (You know deep down though, that it probably wont).

And just to add I think this is by far one of the most acceptable Christmas songs to listen to early on, of which I’m currently doing. I mean come on it’s Brian Setzer and it sounds fantastic: Brian Setzer – Angels We Have Heard on High

That song is far better than these caramel slices, but I say enjoy them together.

This new decoration on top gives the slice 0.1 points more than the its predecessor, so it scores

9.3 out of 10

Cast your mind back to 2012 when the Olympic caramel slices came out they had the same type of decoration. And I rather liked it.

For the time being there wont be any photographs, because I’ve misplaced my cable. But leave it until next week and I’ll put some up. Till then, use  your imagination and listen to Brian Setzer.


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