A Congratulations

Mr Stepehn Whalley of the Whalley Group, bakes caramel slices for his cafe, his friends, strangers over the water from Ireland to England, and judges of the Great Taste Awards.

Stephen got in touch with me a while ago asking for my opinion on his slices. I was more than happy to oblige his request and enjoyed speaking with him, and most importantly, sampling his slices.

I blogged about him and his slices in two blog posts which you can read here:

Part One
Part Two

Stephens main aim, already in place when he spoke to me, was to have his slices eaten by judges of the Great Taste Awards, the Baftas of the food world. And needles to say, he did. And they sure did like them.

Stephen’s caramel squares received a 1 star award.

So few people receive stars in the awards, so 1 is nothing to be ashamed of, much the opposite in fact. And I give my full congratulations to him. Plus, I hope he enters them next year in an attempt to gain a star or two.

Well done Stephen.


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