Surfing Croyde Bay/Langage Farm, Croyde, North Devon


Sea air and a salty splash in the face. Riding waves and dodging seaweed clumps. Toes in soft sand, toes in wet sand. Cider in one hand, pasty in the other. Caramel slice to follow.

I was down in Devon two weeks ago having a much-needed holiday and we were experiencing some hot weather, windy weather, a splattering of rain and just all round general British weather. Some people groan but I embrace it.

On one warm sunny day, down at the picnic table, set alongside the caravan, I sampled upon a very warm, sticky, but very tasty caramel slice.

Bought from the shop which is either called Surfing Croyde Bay or something else (in coordination with Langage Farms who supply the Barnstaple Tesco with clotted cream) the triangular shaped slice cost £1.75, an extraordinary ridiculous, tourist fuelled price. None the less the slice was welcomed and enjoyed.

(Though the price didn’t concern me too much…as I didn’t buy it).


The first note I scribbled down (on the only decent writing object – the whiskey issue (No.3) of Hot Rum Cow – back page) said “Presentation is artistic, in the sense that it’s a bit messy.” This type of bakery expressionism was partly due to the heat that had melted a good deal of two layers, and partly due to being jostled around in a paper bag. Can’t be helped too much I suppose.

Looks are often deceiving, you have my word on that.

This slice measures 11cm x 7.5cm x 10cm, remember it was triangular, it wasn’t 10cm thick. Man that would be outstanding!

There may be a few abnormalities in those sizes, 1. they may change it in store, from piece to piece, 2. I originally measured it in fingers, so it’s a tad inaccurate.

A gooey sticky caramel presented itself on first and second pick up, before I had taken a bite I’d licked my fingers twice. Twas just a small set back, that’s all. I also had a corner missing. I think my dad ate that. 😛


The base was flakey and I like that kind of smooth flavour they provide. The texture is fantastic too. Shortbread always wins against shortcake for good texture.

On many occasions now, I’ve compared the flavour to a Diam bar, this was another of those flavours and I think it’s a fantastic flavour.

A melted chocolate provide a warm creamy sensation, which in all fairness was sumptuous, it just created a sticky dilemma. easily taken care of with a finger lick or two.

Part way through I experienced a volcanic eruption:


Despite it’s cracking, crumbling, melting and the price tag, it’s a truly splendid tasting cake and I recommend it to any North Devon inhabitant or tourist.

And while you’re there, go surfing, Croyde is a wonderful seaside village, with a great deal of wonderful waves, for beginners and pros.

9.2 out of 10


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