La Venue, Whitehaven


The weekend after Easter I completed the Whitehaven to Sunderland Coast to Coast cycle ride for the fifth time (it never gets old). On the Friday before the ride, I arrived into Whitehaven a few hours before the rest of my cycle party arrived.

The weather in the North East was misty and damp. In the North West it was Sunny. I’d already cycled a bit that day, in my journey to Whitehaven from where I lived, so I showered and went for an explore around this town, usually, we stay at the B&B or walk down the quayside. But now I had time to see the rest of the town. There’s actually more there, than I originally thought.

Trouble is, I stepped outside and immediately it started to rain, had I brought the wetness from the North East? Never mind, with a smile on my face (I like the rain), I explored.

Not long after stepping out I came across La Venue, at the time, a very empty coffee shop. One man sipped from his coffee mug and stared at the rain running down the window outside. The lady behind the counter had a great smile and served me a caramel slice to go. it looked good and was cut in a triangle shape. Makes a change.

I picked up a business card and wrote the price down on it, but I’ve lost it. Sorry. And then I stepped back into the rain and explored the sights.


So this slice, which I ate later that evening, was bad, I’m afraid.

With a slight lack of paper, pen and ruler, I bashed my thoughts into my mobile phone’s memo app. Here’s what it said:

“Smells like a pasty, looks good, triangular for a change. Sadly lost the card with price on. Tastes like a pasty on the outside…hmm. Caramel is thick. Base is creamy, kind of flaky and sugary particles, Choc is thin. Two thumbs long. Caramel is darn tasty. Still tastes like pasty. Choc is creamy, tasty.

“Thick caramel. Very tasty, base is a let down, major. Crumbles like nobody’s business. Let down, rich in flavour though. 4 out of 10 pastry flavour.”

Yeah. How’s that for a review? It sums it up, bit repetitive, though it sums it up and it’s a bit repetitive, but that gets the point across, surely?

La Venue, Whitehaven 4 out of 10

(I think there are two La Venues in Whitehaven, but I did lose my bearings at one point, so it might have been the same one?)


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