Part 2. The Whalley Group Cafe, Holywood


Here we go! (If you missed the first part, read it here first.)

First bite:

The base has a series of stress points throughout it and an immediate, massive crack shot through, bits fell off here and there, but I got a good chunk to taste together with the other two layers. The top held fine, because the chocolate is thick. I do prefer a slice where my teeth meet in the middle, equally breaking through all layers, usually a slice that achieves this is well composed, so one that doesn’t is less so.

No bother, I got a lovely bite and tasted its overall flavour: caramel. Lovely. There’s nothing worse than a slice that tastes like vanilla or a passion fruit. However, I could distinctly determine the ingredient use to make the caramel: Condensed Milk. A very popular choice with home bakers, I’ve done it my few failed attempts. It tastes good. But I prefer those made with cream. But this isn’t about what I prefer so, disregard that.

The Layers

Base, we’ve established has cracking issues and a small interest in crumbling, but it’s not major, the cracking is though. This picture says it all:


Continental drift was about to occur. Thank goodness the caramel had no current.

The caramel is sticky, über sticky, the kind where you want to grab the base, but there’s not enough base there, so no matter what you get sticky fingers. This stickiness, as I have said, is great for the slice, but not for your fingers. Making slices with condensed milk, from my experience is very tricky, so I’ll give Stephen some credit here. It tastes homemade (which is a great thing – makes you dream of home) and that is what matters.

The roof over our sticky fingers comes in thick chocolate form. Poured from cooking chocolate, so it has that nervous melting sensation when in the mouth. It kind of goes lumpy and feels unsure as to whether it should melt or not. This isn’t noticeable when eating a slice like normal people do, but I eat mine in layers.


It’s great being able to taste different flavours, and more so, different ingredients and I tasted a hint of salt in the base on one bite, and that isn’t uncommon.

What is quite great is how the aftertaste is distant and then gone. It doesn’t sit in your mouth making you stretch for a mint or a Blackcurrant Fisherman’s Friend in my case. It goes. And maybe that is why my mouth waters for me after I’ve finished…


I’m throwing around a lot of pro’s and con’s but overall it’s down to the taste and the events. For a while I was umming and arring about it being an 8 and I just don’t think it has it.

7 out of 10


Side Note:

I was honestly over the moon to have someone send me a caramel slice. I guess I’ve been waiting for this since I started the blog. The next big step is when someone buys my blog/hires me to write in relationship to their company, preferably a magazine or e-zine.

I actually got very giddy when the slices arrived, this is how much it means to me, seriously, I’d been raving about it for weeks. Big thanks to Stephen Whalley.

Check out his website:

logo (1)


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