Starbucks/Murray Library, University of Sunderland


I was told an age ago to buy a slice from the Murray Library, I was told shortly after posting my review of the slice over at St. Peters Campus of the University. Time never put me in the right place at the right time, that was until Tuesday morning just before I was to catch the Metro to Newcastle and in passing, I popped in and bought a slice for £1.40.

It was small.

5.9 x 5.6 x 1.9cm thick. That is your average thickness so no complaints there and the chocolate depth was more than in slices I’ve tried for a while. This gave the choc top a definitive crack when bitten into, which somewhat satisfied me as it showed its authority over the slice.

It looked like a tasty caramel slice and smelt like one too, which is great because the caramel was superb in flavour, in fact the overall flavour was rather spiffing.

The base however, was a massive let down, producing a cascade of crumbs like I have seen far too often in the past. I can’t understand why a baker would say “I’m going to sell this caramel slice. Okay the base does break away somewhat but it tastes superb and I think that’s what counts!” Yes, flavour counts, but the consumer buys the caramel slice to consume all one hundred and forty pennies of it, not to have one hundred and forty crumbs fall to the wastes.


4.7 out of 10

That was a lovely short review and rant for you today. I’m trying to make up for not posting last week, when I said in detail that I would. I’m sorry.



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