Baguette Bar and Cafe, Berwick-upon-Tweed


This slice was purchased while buying lunch from somewhere other than Greggs, Boots or Co-op, of which previous days had had me at. Here at the Baguette Bar and Cafe in Berwick-upon-Tweed, I was buying, you guessed it, a baguette. And a very good one at that too.

While waiting for my spicy meat balls and cheese to be microwaved I spotted what I thought was a caramel slice. So I asked for one and got confused when she picked up a totally different slice. What I was actually looking at was a Mint Slice. Like a caramel slice but with a chocolate crunchy base, a creamy minty middle and chocolate on top. It was tasty and for a minute I thought I could start a new blog on Mint Slices and then I thought better of it.

The caramel slice was triangular-shaped, to some extent, and so the measuring is a bit different, for example one edge would measure 5.6cm and the other would be 0.0cm because it’s not square, do you catch my drift? The length then was 10.8cm and it was 1.7cm thick, It’s an okay shape and size and I suppose it takes it away from the norm. It’s mixing it up, that’s what it’s doing.

The chocolate makes the slice pretty with its white choc pattern mixed amongst the plain chocolate.


It smells lovely, truly. 

Biting in caused a slight crumble as it was soft and the flavour was not initial and came through when swallowing, a lot like the batch of Elderberry Wine I made last year, the flavour of that really hits you in the back of the throat.

The base is thin, moist and crunchy, as well as being light in flavour.

The caramel flavour is good and the consistency is gooey, the chocolate tastes good too.

It’s weird how the flavour doesn’t present itself when first in the mouth, how disappointing. And it’s the base that seems to bear the most flavour.

The slice costs a pound, so does the mint slice, which one will I buy next time I’m there? Probably the mint slice..

5.8 out of 10.

A nice short review today eh?

The next post, well that will be fun. 😎


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