Wilkinsons, UK


This is another case of ‘bought it a while back but ate it too quick to review it (or just couldn’t be bothered to review it at the time)’. 

Wilkos caramel slices seem to disappear come dinner time, because I haven’t bought one in such a long time, and I always go in Wilkos after dinner. Except for yesterday where I went in at 11am.

I actually went in to buy some plant seeds. I’m going to grow some cress and flowers on my window sill. It might make the place smell a bit nicer and probably look nicer too. In a few weeks though.

So I bought Wilkinsons’ Caramel Slice, priced at 80p, wrapped in plastic and cardboard, much to my annoyance.

(I spent last year working on a project about food packaging).

The slice measures 9cm x 4cm x 2cm thick. Exactly. No 9.3546574556, no, exactly 9.000000000. 9.  4.  2.

The named, Millionaire Shortbread is made by: Kates Cakes.


Snippet from their unusual, but interesting website: “Right from the start Kate had a mission, to create delicious homemade cakes using the best ingredients around. Then, as it is now, this meant saying no to GMO foods, yes to free range eggs and giving the thumbs up to avoiding artificial flavourings or preservatives.” http://www.katescakes.com/ourstory.htm

I don’t know whether I can taste the difference between slices made with free range eggs or not, but this was certainly a very tasty slice.

The first bite let me feel the moist cool taste of the base (possibly affected by my cold flat), I’ve got to say it was one of the best bases I have consumed in a long time. Much better than Curtis’s base, which was the only thing going for it.

It crumbled slightly, but I wasn’t too fussed for some reason.

An immediate taste came through, after I had removed a hair from my first bite. Lets be honest, it was probably one of mine. The taste was Cadbury fudge chocolate bar, those strong caramel things covered in chocolate and about the length of your forefinger.

A very pleasant, falvoursome taste I must say. I enjoyed it. Much of this taste came from the chocolate itself, which tasted almost more of caramel than the caramel. Though the caramel was rich, it sat in throat slightly, like the Curtis one did, but it wasn’t a problem, I wasn’t screaming for water.

From what I could remember the previous time I had the slice I had enjoyed it, but not as much as I did yesterday. so I can’t complain. It’s a grand slice, well worth that 80p.

The slice is part of a meal deal, I do believe, so it’s the best meal deal caramel slice I have ever had. (Do you remember Boots?…. Not good. Their Brownies however, are to die for, so to speak).

It loses some points for packaging but it scores highly, not too high, because I don’t find my mouth watering for another one any time soon, maybe in a week.. 9.1 out of 10


Important stuff:

Contains; Milk, Wheat and Soya. And was made in factory that uses Nut and Sesame ingredients.

P.S. or so to speak.

I original wrote this in February at 2:44 in the afternoon. Now its August and 7:55 in the evening. No matter. The slice is still the same. The plants on my windowsill grew and flourished. I ate the cress and the Phlox died. The Busy Lizzies are hanging on and look rather pretty.


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