Road Trip! To?…No! Not there! Not Tesco!!

I’ve got to go somewhere other than Tesco. Seriously.

Anyone willing to fund a trip round the UK in the name of caramel slices?

We’d head north into Scotland, then hop over to Northern Ireland, then back to England via the Isle of Man. From the top of England we’d work our way down the west side, popping in and out of Wales. We’d take the trip all the way to lands end, get a photo of us eating a slice or two by the sea.

From there it’ll be east along the coast and even to Jersey, and then inland to London. Then we’d wiggle up through Lincolnshire and the Midlands and back up to the top of England.

I’d blog about the journey , the adventures and the sights that we would see and of course the caramel slices.

How about it?


Tesco? Really? Ahh man.


Tesco do a Millionaire Brownie, which is like a really fancy caramel slice, that Tesco have manage to come up with (why do I have such a low opinion of Tesco?).

It’s like a brownie with two hats on and a caramel slice with a bad hair cut.


With a top of only chocolate chips, it is not a complete top and so holding it creates many sticky fingers, four in fact.

The brownie is good tasting, not as good as Boots’ brownie they are heaven. This base was a touch dry.

As for the caramel it is fudgey and very tasty.

Two more things, they come two to a pack and they measure this big by this big. Thirdly…they cost £1.50.

They aren’t really caramel slices, they’re chocolate cakes in a suspicious outfit.

Nothing out of ten, they don’t deserve to go on the leaderboard.

I did enjoy eating them though…but I do like cake.



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