Tesco, UK


For quite a while Tesco sold a tray bake caramel slice, which I bought all to often last year, then they disappeared for some time. Now they aren’t back!

The tray bake was boring, crumbly and average tasting and was simply a slab of caramel slice, that even the biggest of mouths couldn’t fit it into. But now, after the quiet gap, they’ve brought out a boxed slice, much like the one in their finest quality range, only it’s not in the finest range. Though it does have a very fine base. and I’m referring to texture not taste.


What this product is, to put it simply, is a sliced up version of the tray bake, with out the tinfoil packaging taste around the edges. This one is packaged in plastic casing, wrapped in plastic packaging and slotted in half of a box. Way to go Tesco, save the environment with that poor effort!

The chocolate and caramel are stuck together like nobody’s business, and taste like plain fudge, which is nice. The biscuit tastes okay, though you never get to enjoy all of it, unless you are a vacuum cleaner. The base literally cascades away from the slice, towards your plate, hand, carpet, grass, lap, ocean, octopus, horse, where ever you may be, or what animal you are riding whilst eating said caramel slice. I was on a ten foot tall armadillo parading through the streets of Newcastle.


Though that may have been a dream…

It’s fair to say that the base is just too dry, too airy, has given up on life and just taken a leap for a better future. This may the music talking (Audiomachine – Reaching) but the base has gone to find warmer climates, a sea breeze, a whole new caramel to mate with!


This then, is a disappointment.

Any of the biscuit that does stick around (no pun intended) helps create an okay tasting slice, but nothing that can place it high in the leaderboard. So with that shambolic display of go-getting from the base, this slice has fallen into the lower depths of the leaderboard.

2.8 out of 10



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