I Need Your Help To Make A UK Baking Journal

Hi all,

Having recently graduated from university I began to think of all the things I ought to do with my life. My final year project consisted of a magazine on baking, the concept was great, the content less so, and I lost a lot of marks for content. Clearly an interview with Hairy Biker: Si King wasn’t enough to sway the examiners into thinking it was a marvellous magazine.

We had to write all the editorial, design the magazine and put it altogether individually by ourselves, a mammoth task, though a doable one. Now I am out of university with no job, I considered making this magazine and selling it. That idea soon shattered when I got my results and realised, like I said, it wasn’t that good.

But now I plan to create a baking journal, produced once every year, for a UK readership, audience being both genders (don’t forget the amount of male bakers are on the rise), aged between 35 and 75, full of content about people and places in the UK where they can get great quality baked food. I also mentioned tea and coffee in my magazine, and I don’t intend to omit those from this one. Making it once a year will give me time to find and produce more content than that of my final year project.

I will put the magazine together, all I need is content from you lovely people. Whether you are a journalist, creative writer, amateur/student writer, blogger, story teller, artist, photographer, designer or illustrator, or simply a baker with a story to tell, I want you to submit your words and pictures to me along with your name, age, profession, location and the web address of a blog or website that you own.

Now, I can’t offer you money for your contributions, only exposure. I will place the journal on the online site Issuu, where anyone can view an online version or can buy a print version. This is a great opportunity to get your words and art out there.

(Article lengths between 500 and 1000 words, feel free to write more if necessary, though pieces will be edited. Any art should be of the highest quality possible).

To give you an idea of what I have already written about, here is the link to my final year project: http://issuu.com/danielmagill/docs/bakenortheast

If you have any ideas feel free to pitch them to me first before submitting.

One last thing. I don’t want any recipes, not one. It’s all about the people, the places and the stories behind the recipe.

Email me at daniel@danielmagillphotography.com

I look forward to seeing your stories and art.

Daniel Magill


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