Teasdales, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

‘Teasdales’, or ‘the bakery on the corner’ (which isn’t actually on a corner), or ‘the yellow bakery’, or simply ‘that bakery’ is a lovely little bakery situated in Gainsborough town centre.

I’ve had a caramel slice there a few times, but I have never reviewed them and I don’t know why. They do sell very nice Lincolnshire Sausage Rolls that’s the main reason we go there.

This slice is almost square, measuring: 6.3cm x 6.0cm and is 1.5cm thin (not thick) and the bag she put it in was half empty (not full).

Everywhere I go these days for caramel slices they seem to not have awesome tasting Belgian tasting chocolate on top, I only get that when my friends bake them for me and use store-bought chocolate like, Cadbury or Galaxy in the latest one made by my lady friend (which gets 12 out of 10….I’m not being bias, honest). It often makes me want to avoid shop bought slices (but I will never do that). Needless to say, anyway, the chocolate on Teasdales was thick and cheap tasting, though not too shabby to be frank.

The caramel and biscuit together tasted very lovely. The biscuit more so with a certain awesome magic like taste that I couldn’t put my finger on as to what it really was. Perhaps some fairy dust fell out of the book InkSpell of which I am reading at present by Cornelia Funke (whilst I am also reading Around The World In Eighty Days by Jules Verne as well as Mr Lonely by Eric Morecambe, oh and not forgetting The 13 And A Half Lives of Captain Bluebear by Walter Moers that I have put on hold for a while along with Crime and Punishment by the Russian bloke with the complicated last name……why do I start so many books?).

Vanilla? did it taste of vanilla? Vanilla flavoured fairy dust? Who knows.

Altogether though this slice tastes splendid. I think I paid 60p for it, though I forget. No matter, it was good enough to buy again regardless of its price. Though I will deduct points for it being rather sticky on the fingers and a tad too thin.

8.3 out of 10

I’m currently having camera and Linux issues and so I wont put any pictures up just yet, but heres the post anyway.
Sorry about that.


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