Costa onboard the Pride of Hull Ferry


First of all, my utmost apologies to taking practically forever to write a new post. My main reasoning being I have been working hard at perfecting my final year project and any other modules I had to complete.

It has been a few weeks now since the three years of Uni came to an abrupt end and I should have taken upon the opportunity to eat loads of caramel slices, but instead I spent days enjoying my self in the June heat and others sat inside searching and applying for jobs.

Needless to say I am back with a short review on a caramel slice that I have already done before. Though because I bought it on a ferry and it tasted quite nice  thought I would review it. plus I’ve been dying to get back into blogging.

A short story first: The evening of the 12th June, I sat aboard a ferry, soon to depart from Hull docks and arrive in ten or so hours in Rotterdam, Holland.

I found myself inclined to have a sandwich, a packet a crisps and a caramel slice from the cafe on the boat, which was to be a Costa Coffee. So this involved slightly higher prices and the same okay quality as a normal store.

Myself, my father and several of our friends were off to Holland, to stay in Amsterdam and do a series of cycling routes around the wonderfully flat country.

I often searched the shops in Holland for a caramel slice but couldn’t find one, not even a space one… Not that I could review them in my blog on UK slices, but it still would have been nice.

So anyway this Costa caramel slice measured approximately, the nobble of my right thumb to the tip, square. Yes, I had no tape measure.

It was made in Oxford so It’s travelled across the UK and all the way to Holland (except for the one I ate which didn’t make it out of the Humber). Baked by Sara Louise Kakes at

The chocolate top was colourful in flavour though remained in the category of cheap advent calendar tasting.

The base was tasty, thick, crunchy and crumbly. You may know I don’t like crumbly slices, though I soon hoovered up all the bits left on the plate. But after spending £1.69 I wanted to get what I paid for, and that involved eating it all. 🙂

The overall flavour is mellow but good. And the caramel flavour is light when consumed as a whole. On its own however it is rich and tastes like plain fudge, it is also chewy. The flavour of the buttery base dominates the slice.

I awarded the slice with 6.5 out of 10, because it is fairly standard tasting, it isn’t bad in any way and it did the job.


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