Cooplands, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Cooplands Lincoln

Imagine a caramel slice cube…wouldn’t that be something?

So I’m back in the Shire and have been for two weeks, but I’ve been super busy and not had the chance to blog, though I have had 3 caramel slices whilst I’ve been back. All different too. I’m having a fourth one for lunch too.

This is the second one out of all of them. I’d do it in order but this was simply the first one I came to.

Any who, I spent most of the past two weeks in Lincoln working for the Lincolnshire Echo, keep an eye out in last weeks paper for the article on Mess…I wrote that I did. The next paper comes out this Thursday, I think I have something in that one too, but I’m not sure.

The very first Monday I was there, I popped into Cooplands ( a likely thing to do when in the Shire, we’ll have less of the Greggs nonsense) and I fancied upon a caramel slice. If you remember they are very highly regarded in my leaderboard, the original first bought in Gainsborough. I assume they would be the same all round, from one Cooplands to the next. Either they have changed them or I was wrong…

This slice was square, unlike the previously thin rectangular slice of heaven. And this one did not taste fantastic and it isn’t “a mouth-watering delight” like the last one. 

The slice, as I have said is square: 7.1 x 7.1 x 2.0 cm thick. It cost about 60p I do believe, I can’t quite remember. I carried the slice around in my bag for 5 days before eating it at the weekend. I just didn’t have a proper chance to review it until then, yet still I bore its burden all week.

It smelt buttery and tasted it too and that came from an overpowering flavoured base. Which was also highly crumbly.

There was a good hard top of chocolate, though the flavour is still dominated by the base, and it only came through at various times.

The whole point of a caramel slice is to taste like caramel and this failed, simply because the layer of caramel was soo thin, there wasn’t enough to cover a small water-biscuit. (Blackadder pun and general expression in my abattoir of phrases……… I don’t think that’s the right word…what am I looking for…?).

I normally try to eat it a layer at a time, but even that was difficult.

Looking at my notes, I said it was really boring  and nothing special, though the size is good. It’s nice to find a slice exactly square.

4.7 out of 10


I’m going to keep this separate from the previous one on the leaderboard until I’ve been back to the Gainsborough one to see if it is a change among stores or, just different with being Lincoln. I’ll probably go on Thursday when I pop out to buy the Lincolnshire Echo. (Thursday April 11 £1).

Time for a Teasdale slice and sausage roll. 🙂

A caramel slice cube, one that is biscuit in the very center surrounded by caramel and wrapped all the way round in chocolate, kind of like a sweet, but big and a cake.

Hey businesses make me one!

*Big Grin*


2 thoughts on “Cooplands, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

  1. The word you’re looking for above is repertoire. I think. Either way, my hat is off to you for writing a blog entirely focused on caramel slices. You’re my hero 🙂 And thanks for visiting my blog as well!

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