Louis Cafe, Sunderland


The best thing happened just the other day. A wonderful person bought me the best consumable present ever. That’s right, a caramel slice. My dear friend Shauna bought me the slice from Louis cafe, a place she tells me does great hot food, she recommends the corn beef pie.

First appearances were great, even though Shauna tells me she sat next to a large man on the bus who may have squashed the slice into a crumbly mess. But the slice was wrapped up in paper bag, three serviettes and cling film, it would have been a chore to do damage to the slice.

6.5cm x 6.1cm x 1.9cm thick. That’s a fine size for a slice. What was particularly noticeable was the thin base compared to a lot of other slices I have eaten. Though the base was strong and held the slice together with more strength than my shopping bags do on a weekly shop. The base size was the same as the chocolate, which incidentally was big for the chocolate layer. The caramel stood at a fraction bigger, but it’s consistency was strong, although gooey, but not sticky and so the whole slice remained in perfect composure.

The smell was a mild caramel, but did not relate anything to the taste, no sir.

When I bit in I was taken by surprise, I expected the thick chocolate to crunch and crack, I was waiting for the base to crunch and crumble, but my teeth just slid through each layer in almost silence. And the base barely crumbled and the chocolate didn’t crack, it was certainly unexpected.

I pondered over this for a while, then realised I was tasting something interesting. With the softness and this taste, I thought for a second I had bitten into some (plain) fudge. The resemblance was astoundingly close.

This fudge taste took me to Woolacombe, Devon, probably the last place I had fudge. A brilliant surfing community, with a gorgeous beach and a warmish sea. This slice belongs in Devon not in the centre of Sunderland. Though if every time I had one I felt like I was in the south-west of England, that’s got to be pretty good, right?

The flavour is from the moderately creamy base, but mainly from the great caramel. (I would also like to add, that the colour of the caramel was beautiful, proper job caramel. :L ).

The chocolate top is made from cooking chocolate, the taste is so familiar from baking with that kind of chocolate. So points are lost here, which is a shame. However if it were another type of chocolate I fear that my teeth would not have slipped through as quietly as they did.

Price was £1, I guess that’s okay. Around 70p is more preferable price, unless it’s a box that’s filled with 5 or more slices, then a more expensive price is expected.

Creamy, chewy, tastes like fudge.

8.7 out of 10


Don’t forget to check the Caramap, so you can find the location of this wonderful North East slice.


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