Old News, New News and No News..


The second to last news post I did, I spoke about Greggs Caramel slice and how it had changed since when I first reviewed it. I said I would come back in a month and confirm its change. I let you down there. 9 months later I confirm, yes, they have. They are no better or worse, they just look as though they have been made differently.

University of Sunderland (St. Peters campus)

The caramel slice from Sunderland Uni is currently top of the list of best slices. That is no more. Originally when I wrote that post I thought the slice cost much less than it actually does. So because the slice cost £1.25 or so (maybe they raised the price because they spotted I had awarded them top of the leader board..?) I am reducing the mark 0.4 points, lowering the slice to joint 7.

Bad luck Sunderland.

I have yet to try the slice from city campus, perhaps that will do better, or simply be cheaper.


Over the past year or so I have written blog posts that have never been published, either because I forgot to take a photograph, forgot to write about it, or simply I ate the slice too fast, either because it was that good, or more likely, I was that hungry.

Wilkinsons, UK (Draft) :

I originally hoped that the coffee shop I went in would sell caramel slices. I’ve heard Costa may sell them, but this wasn’t a Costa and there weren’t any slices. Having the need to go to Wilkinsons (my next blog post will explain that need) I took a gander around looking for, at the time, Golden Syrup. I didn’t find any, but did find a lonely caramel slice occupying a low shelf in a fridge unit.

Tesco Dessert, UK (Draft) :

Time for another variation in the world of caramel slice. This time with a pudding based caramel slice called Millionaire Dessert from Tesco.

The pudding comes in two 6.3 cm square topped bowls, that get smaller nearer the bottom. It’s priced at £2.49 in Tesco’s finest range, which I guess is just Tesco value with a bit of added umpf, or just a better name?

Tesco Alternative, UK (Draft) :

It’s time for another slice that doesn’t quite fit under the normal rulings. It’s not technically a caramel slice, but it has all the same layers, or there about.

It is in fact a Caramel Flapjack. It has a flapjack base layer, with a caramel middle and some chocolate on top, although not much, it’s more like the chocolate on an expensive pudding where it is drizzled on top so it looks pretty.

We have come across caramel slices with flapjack bases before, they haven’t been very good though. This base was nice, although it ought to be, seeing as that is one of the key features.

There is a large helping of caramel above it, with a superb and creamy consistency. Together the two bottom layers are soft and gooey, but not very sticky, which is great news for your fingers.

The chocolate layer, like I’ve said, is very scarce, as it is simply criss cross lines of dark chocolate, so there are holes where the caramel can be seen. However those holes have then been filled with nuts, which sit slightly submerged into the caramel. It’s a nice touch, and the slice certainly wins lots of points of presentation. The chocolate is great on its own, with having a rich flavour, but as there is so little that flavour doesn’t get through when you eat it as a whole slice.

Caramel is the dominate flavour, so more reasons to want to call it a caramel slice.

The size is good at dgfdhdh     and they come 2 to a pack

Best eaten with a cup of coffee (I’d recommend Percol Arabica) whilst watching Shaun of the Dead, or Zombieland if you must, because it wont distract you from the movie and because it’s not an actual ‘Caramel Slice’ it goes well with films where it’s a kind of horror (because of the zombies) but it’s really a comedy. The caramel slice relates: Horror – it’s not really a slice, Comedy – it’s close enough and it tastes nice enough to laugh about it..

Lastly a news item I would have put if i had noticed it when it was news. Hence this blog post: ‘Old News’.

Largest Caramel Slice (Draft) :

I was trawling the internet, as you do, looking for caramel slice/millionaire shortbread related things, as most of you probably don’t. I came across the Flickr page for British Red Cross Scotland (BRC S). The image I had been given showed a 49 square foot slab of caramel chocolate and shortbread, to create a rather large caramel slice.

Photograph by Maverick Photo Agency
Baker David Cunningham puts the finishing touches to a forty nine square foot slab of millionaire’s shortbread which rolled off the production line at McGhee’s bakery in Glasgow today to mark the beginning of Red Cross Week 2012.


I wish I have discovered this in May when it was made for Red Cross Week, I could have taken a train to Glasgow and tried the slice out for myself, not eat the whole thing obviously, they cut the slice down into more manageable pieces.

Very lastly somewhere on YouTube, on an account I can’t remember is a sliceshow (a slide show of caramel slices I have reviewed) it’s lame, you could try to find it? 😛

Very very lastly, I remembered I went to Bakers Oven, Sunderland, they have a caramel slice, but it tastes just the same as the The Pie Shop and Havershams, only it looked slightly different. I think it’s time to put my journalism investigative skills to the test.

Thanks for reading. I have a proper post coming up, maybe tomorrow, maybe not. 😉

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