The Eat and Drink Co. UK


Firstly my apologies, it’s been about a month and a half since I posted a review. I’ve still had a bit of traffic though which is always pleasant to see.

I’ve been busy with uni work, cycling and archery, but here we finally have another blog post.

This particular caramel slice is from Wetherby Services, a place that is almost a requirement to stop at on any archery trip, unless we are off up north.

I was on a trip to the Telford International Centre for the British University and Colleges Sport (BUCS) archery competition. It’s the second time its been held at this venue in a row and last year we traveled down in the early hours of Saturday morning. This time we traveled down on the Friday evening.

It was supposed to be a 4 hour trip, but we were held up in traffic on the M62 for about 2 hours or so.

But anyway we arrived and went to sleep at the Holiday Inn. It’s a modern place with a bathroom that was out of my league and a shower that pampered me. And yet the bed felt like rocks wrapped in linen…not comfy.

The Saturday started with a grey morning and a grumpy me, but the sun soon shone through the day and after the competition we set off into town where I said I would find a local cafe and buy a caramel slice to eat and review.

I failed. I didn’t find one, but I didn’t really look that hard. A headache and stomach ache prevented me from straying too far from friends or the International centre.

So on the way back to Sunderland we stopped at Wetherby where I bought a caramel shortcake for a far too expensive price of £2.35. But what do you expect for a service station.

I ate the slice the following day and the pictures show a rather battered slice and this was simply due to me carrying it home. I put it in my pocket, got on the bus and forgot about it and the seat belt went straight across it… But of course this didn’t affect the taste.

The shortcake measured 10cm x 8.7cm x 13cm x 1.8cm thick. You’ll understand the extra measurement if you looked at the picture. Yeah, it’s a triangle, the first one ever. It’s different, I like that.

This slice, like one we have had in the past, tastes like a Daim Bar, which isn’t a bad thing, it just the means the flavour is strong, very rich and powerful. It’s overpowering, vibrant and significant  and all this comes from the caramel. Which is gooey but structured.

The chocolate is in between cheap and not-so-cheap, tasting anyway. It is uneven and so is thicker in some places.

A moist and flaky base sits at the bottom, it’s a good size, and crumbles slightly but not significantly. It’s chewy, rich and flavoursome and sits on good terms with the caramel but the caramel’s taste is more overpowering, like I said earlier.

It’s a good size slice with each layer being effective but for that price and that not quite excellent flavour, you wont catch me buying another one anytime soon. Plus I don’t live near Wetherby Services.

I’d rather recommend you eat a Boots brownie (nice size for traveling, very tasty), whilst listening to Van Morrison (Ro Ro Rosey) or watching Beautiful Girls (Timothy Hutton, Matt Dillon)  two of which I did today.

6.0 out of 10, no more, no less.

Though if you ever go to Wetherby Services and feel peckish but don’t fancy fast food, treat yourself to one of their caramel slices, I mean, why not? I didn’t say there was much wrong with it.



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