My Kitchen, from soggy to solid, Sunderland

Home baked 2 This has been due for over a week now. I made some caramel slices for my Journalism seminar, for the guys who have supported me, made jokes about me, laughed at me and threatened to make their own caramel slice blog…they sound lovely don’t they? They are.

I changed the recipe this time, I threatened the coconut with its life and it took his own, so I baked a shortbread base, courtesy of BBC Food. I baked it a little longer than I would have liked so it was a bit too solid, but the flavour was still butter and better than coconut.

This time I managed to make the caramel go solid, if you remember before it was very goopy. I used double cream instead of condensed milk, and the taste was soooooooo much better. Though unfortunately I mixed the caramel for two long, and after about a minute away from the heat on the base it solidified, three minutes later and it was as hard as wood, and sounded like wood when I rapped my knuckles on it.

The chocolate top, remained the same with plain Cadbury Dairy Milk, yet I then drizzled white chocolate on top and then sprinkled on some coloured sugar stars and sugar silver balls, to try and make it look all Christmasy.

I left it to harden and come the morning the next day, I brought my knife to its beautiful face, but could get it through. In a kind of hacking, stabbing and bashing motion I broke the slice into various shapes, wrapped them up in clingfilm and called it art. Edible art.

Home bakedRoll on twelve o’clock and the lecture where very few of the class turned up. Slices were handed around and then:







During the process of making the

caramel, my spoon had melted and turned a funny shape, bits had come off as well and had embedded itself into the caramel…whoooooops.


On the whole though, they were tasty, solid but tasty, they looked good too.

2 out of 10? no I gave my last one that… 3 out of 10

Website references:

I can’t find the caramel recipe,

but it was double cream, golden caster sugar and butter. W

hen I remember the amounts, I’ll let you know. I wrote them down somewhere..

Home baked 3

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