University of Sunderland, Tyne and Wear

Writing from the sofa, Dads Army on the picture box, cup of tea beside me and a caramel slice poised between my lips.

Theres nothing like a caramel slice in the evening, on a cold blustery day outside, with you snug on the couch in a 21 degree living room. PG Tips makes the occasion extra special.

Though it all depends on the caramel slice you are about to consume.

Todays slice is from my University, I originally bought it on Friday but have only just got round to eating it, to be honest I had forgotten about. It was placed out of sight in the fridge door, so I missed it every time I opened the fridge.

The presentation of the slice is nice enough, it has a kind of Fairtrade feel to it, with the colour of the packaging. But on closer inspection the colour fancies itself as more of a reflection to the base of the slice; a whitey-brown butter base.

I’m not sure who the slice is made by, whether it is by the Uni or bought in from a separate supplier. It’s probably the latter, I know Stacie Stewart makes food for my Uni. Maybe I’ll ask her when I get an interview sorted with her for my final year project (I’m making a North East Baking magazine. I’ve already got in contact with Si King – the blonde Hairy Biker).

The slice measures 8.7cm x 3.8cm x 2.1cm in thickness although was 1.5cm in thickness on the other side (though that’s my fault from squashing it during transit). It’s an all right size, and I wasn’t concerned about the size when I was eating it. Also, it was 50p (I think) so for that price, who can complain?

It smelt great, I love a good smelling slice. The advertised ‘butter’ on the packaging was really coming through in the smell, not to mention the taste, which on first bite brought out so much great flavour.

The taste is the main thing to a slice, and in this one every layer had the perfect taste. The caramel was rich and strong, but didn’t dominate the creamy butter base or the smooth milk chocolate.

Each layer was a suitable size. There was plenty of caramel, which was slightly sticky to touch and also spread out when biting in. The chocolate was thick but soft and so biting through wasn’t a problem. Though taking a bite did make your jaw work to crunch up every layer.

The base, although it was tasty, it crumbled a fair amount on every bite. Which although this shows the essence of shortbread, I like my bases to keep themselves together that way you get to eat more, if not all of the slice.

I paused half way through the slice simply to take it all in. It has such a great flavour.

The rich overall flavour is good, but it can sit in the back of your throat giving off a strong flavour on every swallow.

There aren’t many faults here, other than sticky caramel and a crumbly base.

9.3 out of 10

Calories 275

Suitable for Vegetarians, though may contain Nuts and Sesame.

Does contain: Milk, Soya and Wheat Gluten


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