Happy Birth Blog Day

Today is 1 year since this awesome blog started, from the first post explaining what it was about to nearly 30 reviews today.
Perhaps its not the most i wanted after 12 months its rather good, I’ve had plenty of views, and i thank you all.
Views from here in the UK to Australia, America, Spain, China, Croatia, Israel, Denmark, Egypt, places in Africa, Russia, India etc. And im only aiming at the UK caramel slices, but thanks for the world wide views.
I’ve had fun writing, listening to comments, watching the stats rise and fall. Am i giving the impression that this is the end? Sorry, its not, this is only the beginning. There are many many more years of tasting left. Even if i get no views…
Though more followers would be great. 🙂 please, recommend to your friends.
I am writing for the first time on a mobile device, so i am going up in the world, next ill be posting reviews from my phone… though i doubt it, but i can try.
Tomorrow is also a good day, because i put my first review post on the blog. Creating a good laugh for my journalism class, a good read for the Skeltons, kensington house peeps and g’boro friends and family, a great writing experience for me, email updates for my 7… followers, and a laugh, giggle, chuckle and interesting read for everyone else.
Happy caramel slice eating.


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