A day made better with a slice

A story of a frustrating day calmed by the power of a warm caramel slice.

I had a great driving lesson this morning from 8 until 10, after which I hopped aboard the Lincoln 100 bus at half 10 en route for the city. The journey usually takes 50 mins, give or take, but I knew something was wrong when the driver didn’t have enough change as people were paying with £10 notes (this happens often, mind), fortunately some passengers had change for a £20 in pound coin form (why do folks carry bags of 20 £1 coins around?).

So we set off later than usual, but only by a few minutes, but even still the butterfly effect had begun (butterfly flaps wings + some other resulting effects = tornado). Half way into the journey the bus stops in the middle of the countryside, between Sturton by Stow and Saxilby, behind a lorry and a tractor with trailer of hay. A police officer comes over and she has a chat with the bus driver, who then gets out of his cabin, says were going to be here for a while, then goes for a smoke.

A lad on the bus goes for a gander down the road, to find a tractors trailer has overturned and spilled hay over the road, after he swerved to avoid a car which then crashed. I don’t know the details. But it looked serious, several ambulances turned up. And I found all of this out as I lay on the back of the bus with my eyes closed, due to the old women two/three seats forward giving a running commentary of everything that was happening.

Twenty minutes later, the bus driver had disappeared, we still hadn’t moved, but the Scunthorpe/Gainsborough 100 coming the other way had turned round a while ago. Then the driver appears, and without much of a word to his passengers he got in and reversed the bus, nearly into a ditch, of which I had a great view of as the back wheel which I sat above slowly began to go downhill. The police officer soon put him right.

Eventually we got to Lincoln 40 minutes later than planed…fun.

You know when you think “Could this day get any worse?” and then it does. It was one of those days.

My phone had decided to crash on me the previous day and so I went to Orange Shop hoping they would be able to push some buttons and do a manual override, but no, I had to talk to customer services over the phone. This meant talking to a foreign guy for 15 minutes as we tried to establish who I was, then I was transferred to the right department.

Could it get any worse?

But that’s not the worst bit. Being on Hold, that is rather bad, it’s even worse when three songs later they decide to play the very song I have tried to avoid listening to for a few months, which is Drive By by Train. I really don’t like it, the lyrics are poor and it’s bog standard american pop, that’s damn catchy, I have found myself singing it in the past, and then cursing myself for doing it.. So I got to listen to the whole of that, followed by a Red Hot Chili Peppers cover.

I never did get my phone sorted there, 2 hours later at home I got it sorted, but the woman from customers services was lovely, very helpful (she ought to have been after all) and very patient in the hour or so we were on the phone.

Could the day get any worse?

Probably but it paused for a while. I met an old college friend, after a trip to Curtis where I bought a Lincoln Pasty (Cornish is copyright, or something, or just false) and a caramel slice. I found a nice spot to sit. After my pasty, time stopped as I opened the bag of the slice, which had melted somewhat in the glorious heat we are having (not the bag… the slice had melted). It was sticky but that held the layers together and it was creamy too, I enjoyed it. I havent reviewed theres yet, because I keeping forgetting to take a photo (silly me) they’re not too bad, and are surprisingly nice when warm and sticky. The day went well, during the consuming of that slice.

The rest of the day, looking over it, wasn’t bad. I bought a suit (because I’m an adult now, I want to act my age, plus I graduate soon so I’d like a job at the end). The bus journey home was fine too, but I kept thinking about the slice, in the heat of the day, how good it was. I’m going to have more in a slightly melted state, to see if it improves taste.. 🙂

But the moral of the story is, if your stressed, fed up, worn out or cheesed off, have a warm (Curtis) Caramel Slice.



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