Morrisons Alt, UK

You ask yourself: “Are you sure you’re not in a recurring dream/nightmare? It’s the second repetition within a month. Is this just the same blog post as before? No it can’t be, the previous one didn’t tell me what to think…”

Trust me it’s not deja vu…again. This is another Morrisons Caramel Slice. I asked Mother to buy me some of Morrisons Slices as they were good – if you remember from the previous review? But she came back with totally different ones. This was good news and bad news. Which do you want first?

The Good News?

Simply, it was a new box of slices for me to indulge into, taste every part, every element and then write a zany article/review on. Unfortunately that’s really all the good news there is.. Apart from, well, it wasn’t that bad of a slice. But…

The Bad News

The slice has an average smell, an average taste, an average-ish size, an average consistency, an average base. It is a bog-standard slice, nothing more nothing less.

From top to bottom: The chocolate was a fine size, but an average taste. There was plenty enough caramel but nothing to boast about; a standard flavour with a consistency like…toothpaste (thankfully not the same taste. How about caramel flavoured toothpaste? No…I think that would make me sick. That’s like cheese flavoured chocolate…no thank you).

The base was crumbly, a common complaint with me, because you don’t end up eating 100% of the slice, in which case you’re losing some of your money to the bin. This was caused by a soft and aerated style of shortbread, a bit like that of Greggs (which I’ve been meaning to have again to see if they really have changed!).

The slice measures 4.7cm x 7cm x 1.8cm thick. That’s a fine size. The slice is good for a snack, with a cup of coffee where you don’t mind if the flavour you taste is only your coffee.

Five to a packet, and they’re bigger than the other Morrisons ones, but I wouldn’t bother waste time buying these ones, unless you’re a average Joe, who likes average things. And I’m sorry to hear if that is you.

Oh and they are not an average price…of £1.49

A standard slices deserves a standard score. Right in the middle of the table:

5 out of 10

And now the good stuff..or the bad stuff, depending on how you see it…Oh doesn’t say..

One thing it does say though, is that the caramel is described as a sauce…and that just makes no sense.


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