Morrisons Veg’, UK

No, this isn’t a repeat, deja vu or a recurring dream. This is a slice again from Morrison’s but it is their Vegetarian alternative (you may remember the Tesco one).

“A shortbread base with a caramel style layer and a chocolate flavour topping”. Is it me, or does that sound…um…weird?

A caramel STYLE layer!

– So there is something in the middle of this slice that looks like caramel but isn’t caramel. Sounds good… *rolls eyes*

and a chocolate FLAVOUR  topping!

– So what’s on top isn’t chocolate, it’s something that resembles and tastes like chocolate…mmmm… . . .

(One more thing – it’s not shortbread, or at least it’s not the shortbread I know and love)

But don’t let the description put you off.

It’s not too bad after all. The overall taste is rather nice, it tastes like a caramel slice should. It’s only when you break it down that you notice the not so great individual tastes.

The chocolate didn’t do anything for me, it had a deep vivid flavour but it wasn’t especially tasty.

The caramel was hard. A very bizarre consistency. And because of this it doesn’t melt in the mouth as well as I would like it too.

The base is crunchy and tasty…up until I notice it’s made of coconut. Now I like coconut, but not in my caramel slices, the taste is noticeable, the bits stick in your mouth, between your teeth and that’s not fun.

I apologise for the lack of content in this review, but the slice simply didn’t make me want to shout and scream in excitement. I just wanted to eat it and get it over with so I could go make a cup of coffee.

The slices come four to a pack, but they’re not very big (I forgot to measure them…sorry).

Again they are free from gluten, wheat and dairy. Yet they may contain egg, nuts and peanuts.

I was thinking that they aren’t really caramel slices, they’re rubbish boring cakes. They are however called Millionaires Slices, which doesn’t necessarily mean they are caramel related, but I’ve always thought Millionaires was a name for really good, posh caramel slices.

So, they’re nothing to get excited about and in the mad dash I made through the house and down the garden when I noticed it was raining, to bring the washing in, I came to the conclusion that they deserve this score: 1.5 out of 10

Lastly, as I dry off from the downpour, the important stuff per slice:

Protein: 0.7g

Carbohydrates: 18.2g of which are Sugars: 10.7g

Fat: 7.9g of which are Saturates: 3.8g

Fibre: 0.8g

Sodium: trace

Salt: trace


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