Morrisons, UK

Here is the second in the Morrison haul, that I was more than happy to digest.

They remind me of M&S Slices, solely in how they are packaged; a plastic case, wrapped and fitted inside a sleeve of cardboard, an eloquent design I feel. The box is rather pretty too, with the orange front and it’s pattern resembling a fancy wallpaper; fancy style with a cheap price, is a good selling point.

The slices come 6 to a box. £1 for a box so that’s about 17p each, which is a good price seeing as the slices are only 4.5cm x 4.0cm in size and are 2cm thick. That is small but I wasn’t too fussed, I have, after all, had smaller.

I believe this is the first slice I have tried that has excitement on top of it. The excitement comes in the form of chunks and lines of dark and white milk chocolate, creating a mix of flavours, not forgetting the common milk chocolate layer on top of the slice anyway. The chunks cling to the milk chocolate layer, although they lose their footing sometimes when your teeth break through the slice. But then it turns into how I eat a chocolate muffin; pick the chocolate chips off the top and eat them last, in this case, you eat the chocolate chunks after the slice. 🙂

The box title is “Gooey Triple Chocolate Millionaire’s Shortbread,” is this the first one I’ve had that’s been called a Millionaire? Millionaire is another name for the slice, but I call it a caramel slice as it is more commonly used. But there are, of course name variations (shortbread, shortcake, slice, square, etc).

The box then has a description (like all store-bought slices) “All butter shortbread smothered in thick caramel, topped with milk, white and dark Belgian chocolate chunks” Sounds good no?

It’s a darn good description and reflects well.

The chocolate tasted good, and I knew it was not made cheaply, before I read that it was Belgian.

The caramel is thick enough for the slice, but the other layers match its thickness so it’s not dominating. The caramel is gooey and sticky and the chocolate slides about when you bite into the slice, but it is delicious and it’s flavour lets you forget about those previous bad points. The taste is rich and dominating, this is great, I get fed up of slices where the base or chocolate is the flavour that comes through most.

The base is airy, not compact, but it doesn’t crumble that much either, and the caramel helps support it. It is buttery but isn’t too noticeable.

I thoroughly enjoyed eating the slice and will definitely be buying these again.

9.2 out of 10

The slice is at the same level as Thorntons, but for different reasons.

The important stuff:

Values per Slice:

Protein 1.4g

Carbohydrates: 22.4g of which are Sugars: 15.3g

Fat: 9.6g of which are Saturates: 5.2g

Fibre: 0.7g

Sodium: trace

Salt: 0.1g

Contains: Gluten, Milk and Soya. May contain Nuts.

Cardboard is recyclable, film and tray may not be.


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