Granny B’s Farmhouse Kitchen, Lincoln

I don’t know who Granny B is. But it wasn’t the person who sold me the slice, that might have been Grandpa B…?

Last Wednesday I was in Lincoln for the day. I took the bus in and I was wandering around the shops and streets as I waited for 2:15 when I had to go take my Car Theory Test. I had already been to Curtis to pick up another of their slices (I have that review written, I just forgot to take a photo, so I waited until I bought another one) and I was heading towards HMV and I was coming up to a couple of stalls, one was selling Ostrich buggers (supposedly very nice) another was selling cheese, and then I caught the sight of cakes.

I walked over and spied a Caramel slice (although actually called Caramel Crunch) I made contact with Grandpa B and bought myself one of his very large slices.

At £1 I got myself a 7.6cm x 7.5cm almost caramel square. It was 1.6cm thick, which is quite thin for its size, but I was happy with my purchase.

The colour of the caramel was a very faint yellow-creme, the kind of colour that tells you it’s a home-made slice (produced with condensed milk no doubt).

Before we dig our teeth in, it smelt nice with a hint of vanilla. The top was squigy in places and the base was sticky and a git gooey.

In fact the base lacked the crunch I was expecting from a “caramel crunch.” The slice in actual fact was simply a flapjack with some caramel and a thin layer of chocolate on top. Which had all come together to make a sticky uncrunchy mess. The top two layers tasted like fudge that had been in the sun for a little while, but with a cool temperature as it had just come out of the fridge. There wasn’t a lot of sense.

But the most important thing is the taste, which frankly was not its selling point, (that was it’s size) it didn’t taste like vanilla (like how it smelt) in fact it tasted like salad……

Some sort of vegetable taste was emerging the more I consumed the slice. I though maybe Green Beans, but I wasn’t sure, so I simply said Salad.

One of the sentences I wrote down in my notes goes: “taste isn’t repulsive but it just isn’t caramel, it’s weird…”

A tad bit more complaining, the oats from the base got stuck in my teeth, I wasn’t pleased.

Bad luck Granny (and Grandpa) B, but I wont be coming back.

2.5 out of 10 Most of that score comes from its size and price…


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