Real Tea and Coffee, UK

You know that confused noise that Tim Taylor makes on Home Improvement? A bit like Eeuurrrgghhhh (going from low to high) – perhaps? Well that’s the noise that came to mind when I ate this slice. I’ll explain below.

I got the slice during the Lincolnshire Show, which is a large agricultural show in Lincoln. They have stalls for businesses selling magazines, horse feed, clothing, tack. Then there are stalls with cakes, drinks, cheese, meat particularly sausages. Now it’s in this section I expected to find at least a few people selling Caramel Slices. But after much searching I only came across one. So I scooped it up after much queuing.

Prices aren’t at all normal for events like this and so the slice cost £1.50, but that’s not too bad. 70p is average for the size.

The slice is 7.6 x 5cm and about 2cm thick, so it is round about average.

As you can tell in the image, for a change there is a lovely amount of caramel which is about the same as the base, unlike Haverhsams which has a whopping great base and almost no caramel and chocolate – those are more of a ‘shortbread with stuff on top slice’, rather than a ‘caramel slice’.

I bought the slice and took it home and put it in the fridge for a day before consuming, but I allowed it too warm to room temperature before eating so the test was more fair.

The second bite led me to just eat some of the base so I could sample it on its own, but I think I caused a crack to shoot through the slice, because when I picked it up again, half of the base fell back towards the plate, which erupted into a pile of crumbs. This did not please me, and it would have been catastrophic if it happened whilst walking around the show, but it did help try the base on it’s own: which is fairly basic, standard taste, nothing to boast about.

The caramel was now easier to approach and taste on it’s own, it tasted very nice, it was a good consistency and was creamy, but when eating the slice together the taste is dominated by the chocolate, and this is where the ‘Tim Taylor’ noise enters the picture. The chocolate is a nice size and strong, although it may still be hard from the fridge. But what is most noticeable and most confusing is the taste of the chocolate. It had the taste of cheap cooking chocolate and mint…..MINT…..why did it taste of mint?!?! It’s called a CARAMEL slice for a reason, not a mint slice. If mint was the intention it’s a good idea that went wrong, because the taste dominates the caramel.

I did consider that my taste buds were broken, due to having a ‘sniffle’, and also I could have sworn I tasted orange in the after taste. It was like a caramel slice experiment gone wrong. It baffled me, I didn’t know what I was eating – by taste. Maybe I ought to have tried it when I didn’t have a cold. But I realised I havent blogged in a while, so I wanted to get one out. Plus I managed to taste the Pipers – Bloody Mary Crisps that I had for lunch…so my taste buds must have been working?? (Brilliant Lincolnshire crisps by the way).

All in all it was an interesting slice, with ups and downs, mainly downs. I think a 3.9 is in order, taking into account; the size, price, taste and after taste, among other things. It simply wasn’t that great.

What’s more, their website is a bit rubbish and I can’t find whether they actually sell the slice or not and that the show was just a way of selling something to go with their coffee and tea.

3.9 out of 10


I wrote it in green to relate to the feeling of farming, although by the second day I think brown would be better due to heavy rain creating mud and lots of it.

I apologise if this blog post was a bit bad grammatically, I was distracted by an awesome Valencia Grand Prix, where for once Vettel and Hamilton went out and Schumacher got a podium finish of 3rd. 🙂 I did read over it though. 🙂


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