Sunstart, UK

Thin. Thin is the word or small as they aren’t very wide.

I found this on shelf in Tesco near the bread. These days when ever I see the word Caramel Slice (or Millionaire Short-cake etc.) on a food packet, the item is in my basket before I even know what I am doing. However I paused when I picked up the box containing five of the caramel slices. I paused because the box was incredibly light, and yet it was a long box with a couple of centimeters of depth. I nearly put it down thinking it was empty.

I gave it a small rattle confirming that there was something inside and so I popped it into my blue basket.

It wasn’t until I got home that I noticed something else about the packet (aside from it being rather colourful) at the bottom it said it was suitable for vegetarians. I thought well what does that mean, it doesn’t contain meat? And there, right at the top, under the logo it says, “Free from Gluten, Wheat and Egg” next to some white ticks on a blue circle.

Now I don’t know much about ingredients in store-bought food. I could do a google search, but I’m reviewing the taste, the size and the price, although said ingredients do affect the taste, I don’t want to go into a lot of detail about them.

So the slice itself. It stands at 1.2cm tall (to be honest it doesn’t look that big in the picture). It’s then 8.0cm x 2.8cm so it can’t really boast about its size. All three layers were about the same thickness, the base may have been a couple of mil bigger, I didn’t do serious measuring with the slice.

             “a disgusting attempt at a slice”

I was rather put off by the slice, it smelt like cheese flavoured chocolate (have you tried that Cadbury Philadelphia? Some people like it…I’m not one of them), to me that’s an off-putting smell. It was so bad actually, that I had to hold my nose in order to take a bite, other wise I would have refused to eat it.

What’s more, it doesn’t taste like a caramel slice, the caramel and chocolate taste is overpowered by the taste of the base. I did managed to break the layers up and the chocolate is rather nice on its own, it was creamy to an extent. The caramel though, was bland and boring.

The base had a soggy, oat like cereal bar taste to it. It reminded me of a cereal bar I last had when I was young(er) I can’t put a name to eat, but it wasn’t particularly brilliant. It tasted a bit like a miserable flapjack, from that batch where the ingredients didn’t really want to be friends and so wouldn’t hold hands with each other, so the flavour couldn’t infuse. Bizarrely enough when I sucked on the base, rather than chewed, it tasted like digestive biscuits. It really was a peculiar base.

I can’t remember exactly how much it was, but it wasn’t cheap (over a pound). For the size and the 5 you get in the box for the rubbish price, it’s not worth buying, if you did, you would smell it the moment you break the seal and will regret your purchasing choice. Quite frankly, this was a disgusting attempt at a slice.

0.2 out of 10 . . . the .2 was for the okay chocolate.

Finally, the important stuff:

For each slice there is:

Energy = 655KJ

Protein = 1.4g

Carbohydrate = 17.8g

of which are Sugars = 12.5g

Fat = 9.0g

of which are Saturates = 5.8g

Fibre =0.8g

Sodium = 0.03g


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