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Yes, there really is news in the caramel slice world.

Greggs Caramel Slices have changed!
Unfortunately they’re not any better.

They first of all look different. It’s like they have put the chocolate on each individual slice separately because the chocolate wraps over the top and the sides, it used to be straight and simply cut on the sides.

Secondly they have altered the caramel. If you remember/know it used to be rather sticky and gooey and the chocolate used to slide around on top of it. Now they have thickened the caramel, which was something I said needed doing (have they been reading my blog? – I hope so, that would be brilliant) unfortunately though it’s lacking something now, it’s less creamy and the taste isn’t as defined. It’s made no difference to how the base holds together and that’s still crumbly as a landslide.

Quite frankly it’s a poor attempt at a change. I’d prefer if they brought back their original slice.

I’m not going to alter the leaderboard just yet. I’ll go back in a month and see if anything has changed. If not, then I’ll change its score.

More News

I recently bought a Costa Caramel Slice, totally forgetting that I had already reviewed one. None the less I was quite happy I bought it, because I did like it quite a bit. It’s possible that whoever makes Costas Caramel Slices for the North East, don’t make them for Lincolnshire (where I bought my first one) so that could be the cause of the difference in tastes, consistency etc. Come to think of it, some of the differences could have been down to me leaving it in a cupboard for a day before consuming. If that’s the case, then that’s what you should do…it tastes much better.

Here’s what I took down in a few quick notes:

Most noticeable it tasted like coffee, which I thought was absolutely brilliant. perhaps it was too close to a coffee cake or an actually coffee and it’s flavours were passed over. But I loved it. The next time I make some slices I’m going to add coffee flavouring to the mixture.

The caramel was creamy and the chocolate too and there was plenty of the caramel, which I oddly wrote down twice in my notes..

It didn’t smell of cheese and it didn’t have a weird after taste (like the last one). Thumbs up ay?

However it was crumbly (no change there then), gooey and messy, but very tasty.

Again I’m not going to change the score until I’ve had another, just for confirmation. 🙂


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