Sainsbury’s, UK

It’s time now to dip my tongue into the hopefully tasty refreshing pool of supermarket cake. I’ve been eating Tesco’s Caramel Slice for some time, and just haven’t got round to reviewing it properly. Now I’ve come across Sainsbury’s equivalent. It’s not a supermarket I go into very often, so when it caught my eye, it seemed appropriate to buy it.

Things like Tesco’s Finest are nice, they have good deserts, and microwave/oven meals. I’m sure it’s the same with Sainsburys. But then they do Tesco’s own, all the supermarkets have them. In retrospect its mass-produced products, made cheaply. And you can taste it. This caramel slice I purchased is one of them.

I’d like to point out that in my experience of caramel slice tasting I’ve learnt I fair amount about the cake. What I want to say is that a slice is a small handheld style cake. Although Sainsbury’s don’t call theirs a slice, they give more of a description instead, if it were to be properly named, it would be called a ‘slab’. Unfortunately the word isn’t very appealing, but it very much describes the cake. It’s 18.2cm x 12.2 cm that’s rather big, it says it serves 8…which then makes the pieces very small. In reality, it serves 4.

Don’t judge a book by its cover…does this apply to cakes…no, not to caramel slices. unless it’s an unusual colour, then yes.

It looks harmless enough, the chocolate top is not smooth, it looks like it’s been laid by someone with a butter knife, so the top is thin in places, which then breaks when you try to cut through, and is thick in others which create a challenge for you to cut with your knife. The chocolate tastes cheap, but what was I expecting.

The most noticeable thing is probably how soft the base is, it’s like it’s just come out of the oven, it’s squishy and crumbly, however it is very tasty. It reminds me of flaky pastry, only shortbread.

The caramel is gooey and sticky meaning it has a poor consistency. This is not good, it also tastes rather bad, I though it might have been down to me having Carbonara before it, but again after tea there is that same off-putting taste. It dominates the base and chocolate, invading all of your taste buds like a disease, that sticks, stays in the mouth clawing at the walls. A cup of tea is no match. I still taste it… 45 minutes later.

Whilst chewing a piece over I was reminded of a sultana or raisin taste, its such a random taste for a caramel slice. I honestly can’t recommend this slice to anyone. It’s also 70p more expensive than Tesco’s version.

Lowest yet:  1 out of 10

I just flipped the packet over and read a bit that said ‘ Try Me! We’re sure you’ll love this product. If you don’t return for a full refund.’ Fancy that eh? I’m not going to, but I could.

I may have found a reason for the flavour; it’s made from natural sources… oh wait…isn’t everything?

The important stuff, should you disregard all I just said and buy it:

This is values for 1/8 of the slices:

Energy = 911KJ

Protein = 218

Carbohydrate = 222.6g

13.6g of which are sugars

Fat = 131g

6.6g of which are saturates

Fibre = 0.7g

Salt = 0.25g


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