Thorntons, UK

Although it says Thorntons up top there, and also on the packet, I actually bought them from Tesco’s. I’m assuming they get them to sell when they’re close to their sell-by date, I’m not sure.

However they cost me 75p, reduced by Tesco (you can recognize the yellow and white sticker anywhere), so I bought myself two packets.  

They come 12 to a packet. That sounds good until I tell you that they are 2.5cm x 2.5cm, man…that’s small. They’re a good thickness of 1.8cm and the base is thickest followed by caramel and then a thin layer of chocolate.

The packet describes them as “12 Mini Caramel Shortcakes: Scrumptious shortcake squares covered with a delicious caramel layer and topped with smooth milk chocolate.” The moment I read the smooth milk chocolate I nodded my head in agreement. Although the chocolate layer is thin, it tastes good and it does melt smoothly on the tongue.

Scrumptious… such a great word and they are. I found myself consuming over half a packet in no time at all.

The caramel is a great consistency although very squishy in the centre below the chocolate, and harder around the edge. I found myself biting off the base, to suck on the creamy melting sensation from the caramel and chocolate, it was such a brilliant mouth experience. I’m not one to describe eating food to bodily pleasures, but that caramel and chocolate together is heavenly.

The base adds a Manly tone to the equation, its texture is rough, and tastes like a tightly compact digestive. It is hard but not crunchy when eaten.

This inch square slice is doing wonders.

However, it doesn’t have a smell that draws you closer. It’s smell is timid and can be experienced only close up, like brushing your head past a womans neck….

(I appear to have adapted an unusual style…(please tell me if you like it) it might have something to do with the french singing I’m listening to..?)

I consumed the slice in two pieces, whether it was a slice down the middle or slice through the layers (more often the latter) eating it in one whole bite and slicing my teeth through it, just felt wrong, there was no way of enjoying it that way. To eat as a whole you have to suck on it, let the top layers melt before gently crushing the base.

These slices, I imagine are good for a picnic perhaps, or better yet, a romantic picnic with that one true love, although I couldn’t say for sure..

9.7 out of 10… for pure pleasure…

To be honest I didn’t think I would come to that score by the end, but the more I thought about it, and the more I wrote about, the closer to 10 it reached.

(On a different note I was going to review the highest up ever bought caramel slice, purchased approximately 1906ft of the ground (there maybe a higher one, but I haven’t discovered it), bought from Hartside  Cafe, on top of a large hill, part of the Coast to Coast cycle ride I did last weekend. Unfortunately silly old me, forgot to retrieve it from my fathers bag. And as he lives a train journey/long car ride away from me right now I couldn’t afford to retrieve it. Maybe next year:)

Important Information

Contains: Milk, Soya, Gluten, Wheat and Oats. May Contain: Nut Traces. Is Suitable for Vegetarians.

A slice contains

0.7g Protein,

6.7g Carbohydrates,

5.5g of which are Sugars,

4.6g Fat,

1.7g of which are Saturates,

0.1g Fibre,

0.03g Sodium,

0.08g Salt.


“Lovingly Made, Just For You” – Thorntons (So maybe sharing them is out of the question?)


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