Lidl, UK

From a recommendation – to a review:

Northwood branded luxury caramel shortcakes are produced in Scotland and sold at Lidl stores across the UK.

They are advertised as “Delicious Crunchy Biscuit Bases, each topped with a Thick Layer of Caramel and Milk Chocolate.”

Firstly the layers of caramel and chocolate are more of a moderate thickness than just thick. They are the right size for the slice not too much not too little. The base is also the appropriate thickness to create the appropriate structure for the slice.

The base is indeed delicious although it is not crunchy like cereal, but more of a soft cake like crunch, so soft in fact that the word crunch isn’t really produced when consuming. The base is made from very finely ground digestive biscuit (or at least that’s what it tastes like) that has then been tightly packed together, to ensure it holds. It does not crumble and turn your plate into a beach like setting, but hangs onto the caramel above.

The caramel is of a more liquid consistency but it holds the layers together very well and the chocolate doesn’t slide away from it’s position, like I have seen on other slices (such as Greggs). The taste is lovely although the combined taste of the slice is much more dominate even when trying to sample the layers individually. However a good overall taste is much prefered than one layer tasting perfect and the others tasting horrible.

The chocolate is strong and takes both sets of teeth to break through,Β  but this is because my teeth slide easily through the other layers, due to their softness, so I immediately come through to meet and break the chocolate. The taste of the chocolate is truly perfect, I’ve rarely tasted better on a caramel slice.

So the overall taste is really good, and I immediately noticed it was a much different taste to the slices I have tried in the past.Β  It also smells very good. (There’s nothing more off putting than a slice that smells bad).

The slice is 5.8cm x 5.0cm x 1.7cm thick. They come 4 to a pack. I want to say they cost Β£1, but don’t hold me to that, I can’t remember. I’ll find out and if I’m wrong I’ll update this. But who cares how much they were. They tasted gooooooooooooooooood, that’s not an exaggeration. πŸ˜€

Because I can’t decide whether it’s better than a Cooplands caramel Slice. I’m awarding it 9.5 out of 10

Thanks for the recommendation Lou. πŸ™‚

The good stuff: (or the bad stuff which ever way you look at it.)

One shortcake contains:

Calories = 302

Sugar = 18.8g

Fat = 17.8g

Saturates = 9.3g

Salt = 0.24g

of the guideline daily amount.


4 thoughts on “Lidl, UK

  1. Today I was first craving Vegemite and then craving Millionaire shortbread. As an Aussie living in the US I spend some time trying to find online shopping venues to fulfill my needs and in doing so I discovered your delightful blog.

    I spent a year living in the UK and commuting between Edinburgh and Coventry. Each weekend back in Edinburgh I would go to Lidl and buy 2 packs. I would have 2 slices on Sunday and 1 for every other day of the week. I originally was introduced first to millionaire shortbread purchased from Sainsbury (can’t remember the brand) and then Thortons which as you mentioned are fabulous but TINY.

    Well as it stands I have at least found Thortons on Amazon and am going to pay the exorbitant cost of $13.14 to fulfill my craving until I can test a few recipes to make my own.

    But if someone could tell me a way to get my hand’s on the Lidl’s I would be MORE than grateful.

    • Hello, I’m glad you like my blog, but more glad you like good quality caramel slices πŸ˜›
      Amazon? I did not expect them to sell Thorntons slices, or any slices for that matter. I admire your devotion to caramel slices, forking out that much money for a slice shows a true caramel slice lover. πŸ™‚
      As for your Lidl predicament, I’m not sure what you could do. What is the US like for caramel slices, is there nothing better than Lidl’s over there?

  2. I was wondering if you had tried the Lidl product recently. Is it my imagination or does it now have a hint of aniseed/liquorice? I am undecided whether that is an improvement or not.

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