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Did someone at Twix read the blog post my friend wrote for this blog, about Twix being practically a caramel slice? If so, they’ve responded by bringing out ‘New Twix caramel slices.’

I always like writing about branded caramel slices, because some go into great detail explaining their products, others offer simple what you can see ‘captions’ in Twix’s case: ‘Shortcake base topped with caramel and delicious milk chocolate.’ Almost all of that is an observation except the delicious part. Which immediately gives me a starting point for a review. Is it really delicious?

Several consumptions later.

Why yes, yes indeed. It is. But, after all the slices are baked by McVities, an excellent maker of biscuits. (Did you know they make caramel chocolate digestives? I’m thinking, a variation review might be needed here. They come in dark and milk chocolate. Now there’s a thought, I’ve never had a caramel slice with dark or white chocolate on top, why is that?) Anyway back to the chocolate. Yes its delicious and creamy and mixed with the caramel is quite lovely indeed.

But then add the base, which as described is ‘shortcake.’ This is very different to shortbread, which is of a hard buttery nature, the shortcake is much more soft and is mixed with the caramel, to create a somewhat tasty melt in the mouth form.

However put all the layers together and for those who like to simply eat food rather than enjoy it, you wont experience the full taste of the slice. For those who enjoy their food, on first impressions the taste is a bit funny or odd tasting, but the more you have and the more you really taste every part mixed together in your mouth, the more you realise how tasty it actually is.

The caramel alone is creamy and tasty and is of a perfect consistency for a caramel slice. I can tell Mars (owners of Twix) haven’t rushed into making this caramel slice, if they had, it would have ended up like a normal Twix just not fully wrapped in chocolate.

You can taste the Twix in the slice, but it is much different to the chocolate bar. And not just in different in taste but in size too. 7.3cm x 2.5cm x 1.65cm thick, with 3mm for both caramel and chocolate. It’s very small. They come individually wrapped in a box of 6 for £1.00 (at Tesco, but they can be bought at Asda (and maybe other places too), I’m not sure of the Asda price though). So that’s about 17p each, so I suppose the size for that price makes it worth it.

The more I eat the slices, the base tastes ever more like a cereal bar that I had once. I’m not really a fan of the taste of the cereal bar, unfortunately I can’t put my finger on which one it was…

The Conclusion

I have purposely not mentioned the Twix chocolate bar as I didn’t want it to turn into a comparison, so as a caramel slice, the caramel and chocolate are of superb quality and taste, the base lets it down ever so slightly. I feel they took away a biscuit base so it didn’t reflect the chocolate bar (that’s not a comparison) but the base they have given it, isn’t good enough. Shortcake, really? Shortbread is so much tastier, and the slice still looks like a cake.

Twix (Mars/McVities) people if you’re reading this, change the base for me please. It’s not bad, but I’ve experienced better bases.

8.1 out of 10

Important Information for you folks so you know what the DGA (GDA or AGD which ever one it is!?) is before you go and buy it.

Each slice contains:

Calories =142 / 7%

Sugars = 10.5g / 12%

Fat = 7.8g / 11%

Saturates = 4.3g / 22%

Salt = 0.1g / 2%

of an adult’s guideline daily amount.

No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

(These statistics will never affect my reviews because not all caramel slices I try will have this information. I only put it there, for my readers benefit.)


2 thoughts on “Twix, UK

  1. The base looks far too aerated and that chocolate overhang is just too soft and melty. I like my caramel slices firm with chiselled edges. Bad show Mr Twix.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Was expecting something akin to a millionaire’s shortbread. Alas, this is, well, paupers shortcake. I was left thinking, I wish I’d just had a twix.

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