The Cornish Pasty Bakery, York

Forget Dime* Bars, buy a Cornish Pasty Bakery Caramel Slice, it tastes just the same!

First impressions though, found it very unappealing, with thin layers creating a thickness of only 1.2cm. The slice measures 7cm x 4.5cm so nothing to boast about and costs 65p or it did back in November when I bought the slice (and no, I haven’t waited 4 months to try the slice, it’s just taken this long to write it up.)

According to my notes the base was ‘very, very hard’ now this could have been down to it being in the fridge for a couple of hours, but either way the caramel and the base had come together to form gooey yet chewy tough layer.

And it’s true, this mixture of the two substances without the chocolate tastes convincingly like a Dime Bar. It dominates the flavour of the chocolate but the base and caramel acts like an adhesive to keep the chocolate from going anywhere. Fortunately due to the this toughness, you can be guaranteed very little amount of crumbs.

The average price of a standard sized Dime Bar is about 75p, so that’s 10p dearer than this caramel slice.

Personally a caramel slice shouldn’t really taste like butter almond (Dime bar), you shouldn’t have to tear it with your teeth like eating a medium-rare steak. Even though the chocolate was thin it still took a while to gnash my way through (okay slight exaggeration, but it wastough.)

However if you are in York and fancy a Dime Bar and also a Caramel Slice. You have two choices:

1. Go to the Cornish Pasty Bakery and buy a caramel slice.

2. Or go to M&S, buy some of their caramel slices that actually taste like caramel, and then buy a Dime Bar from a news agents.


I’d recommended the latter.

However, I did enjoy the taste of the caramel slice because I very much like Dime Bars. At the time I awarded it 6.4 out of 10 and I’ll stick with it! (Just like how it sticks to my teeth when eating it!)

*Research led me to find out that they are no longer called Dime Bars, but Daim instead.


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