Aldi, UK

Poor old Mrs McGregor, she just can’t quite get her base right.

Aldi’s specially selected caramel slices are produced in Scotland by a Mrs McGregor, who lives in a small cottage near a tree on its own and a forest, or so the picture has led me to believe.

The ‘Buttery smooth caramel sandwiched between crunchy biscuit and Belgian Chocolate’ ‘Caramel Shortcakes’ come 5 to pack, wrapped in a plastic segmented box, plastic packaging, all sat in a lovely little box, much like M&S’s caramel slices. Although I find Mrs M’s box to be more appealing. The slices on the box are true to what is inside: large helpings of caramel, beautiful coloured milk chocolate and a crumbly base.

The squares are actually square: 4.7cm x 4.7cm x 2cm thick, all round that’s a fairly good size for a slice. 2cm of thickness seems to be the bench mark, any thinner and you’re eating a caramel slither-slice, any larger and you have a caramel block (a bit like Havershams).

There is a huge amount of caramel at 0.7cm thick, that’s close to a centimetre! That’s great! But you may think that could be sickly? Well no, the consistency is excellent so this removes sickly from the equation unless you eat three of the slices, one after the other. The flavour is great too, but I have tasted better. It’s clear to notice that the better the consistency the better the taste.

Belgian Chocolate ay? No wonder it looked and tasted so good. Major thumbs up there. The chocolate on a small downside, although it may not be thick it sure is tough.

The caramel and chocolate taste brilliant together without the base.

Digestive tasting base’s, as we’ve seen in the past tend to be crumbly, and this was no exception. The main problem with a crumbly base is the chance of you accidentally inhaling the crumbs, which isn’t a nice feeling. The box boasts a crunchy biscuit, and to some extent it is, but it’s not the kind of crunchy you can imagine.

For all five slices in the box costs £1.79 that works out at about 36p each, I find that to be a respectable price.

The slice reminds me of Milligans, only better.

So here is a good attempt from Mrs McGregor, but it’s not enough to knock Cooplands off the top.

Sitting firmly below and just above M&S, I award this slice 8.6 out of 10.


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