Marks and Spencer, UK

I finally got round to venturing into M&S, to be honest it’s not my kind of shop, mainly because it’s too expensive. A quick gander led me to the biscuit and cakes aisle, where I spotted a lovely looking box/packet of Shortbread Squares, or Millionaires as they are also known.


So the packet comes with six slices and immediately you can see they are small. I paid £2.29 for them, which is the most I have had to pay for any amount of caramel slices. One on its own from this price would cost 38p, that doesn’t sound too bad. But if you haven’t had a M&S shortbread slice before, you don’t realise how small they really are.

They measure 4.2cm x 4.3cm x 1.8cm thick. So they are a millimetre off being square, but I can’t complain at a millimetre. But you can clearly see they are small. Some one could take one bite, chew, swallow, and there would be nothing left. I guess this is good, because it cuts down on crumbs, but I couldn’t do this. Two reasons for that, one being I wanted to savour mine and enjoy every bite. And two, previous lock-jaw wont allow me to open my mouth as wide as I used to. 😦

As small as they are, and that it took at least three to come up with a review, (half the packet gone already), I did find them to be really nice. I guess that ought to be what you expect for such a high price.

So onto the slice: The chocolate breaks well, and the layers remain in good order, as a pose to the chocolate sliding off the slice. The caramel is who to thank for this, being a brilliant consistency. It does however have a slightly blander taste than other types of caramel. But the butter taste in the base flares an overall great flavour for the slice.

The base crumbles very lightly, so the base gets a good thumbs up. it hasn’t been more compacted to do this, I believe it’s the butter that keeps it together. “If you want to stay friends with other bits of base just apply a bit of butter!” 🙂

I know some people do like to eat cakes by splitting up the layers, for example you pull off the chocolate first then lick of the caramel, then eat the base like a biscuit. But I wouldn’t bother, the chocolate doesn’t taste good enough for that. Plus it defeats the point of having it. Eat it in a few bites, and let the mouth take in the tastes because it really is good.

Finally, a caramel slice with a great after taste, so it goes well on its own. But I almost always eat my slices with a cup of tea afterwards. (Or a latte if I’m at Costa).

Just to compare it to Greggs which are 41p a piece, that’s a 3p difference, I would be certainly more inclined to go to M&S rather than Greggs who got a score of 5.1 out of 10.

M&S get a score of 8. 3 out of 10, I’d award a higher score if they were bigger. But they truly are pretty darn good!


One thought on “Marks and Spencer, UK

  1. if they were exactly 4.3 x 4.3 cm, then that would be an extra 4.6 cubic cm of caramel slice per pack. By trimming slightly short, M&S can produce 43 packs for the price of 42. That’s capitalism at work. 😎

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