Costa, UK

I’ve been recommended Costa Coffee on various occasions and have heard stories of people eating them, so they must be a good caramel slice. However people may just be buying them when they go for a coffee because they are there and they don’t have a local bakery to go to. Tell me if I am wrong.

I ventured to Costa after a Tesco shopping trip. I ordered my usual vanilla latte (the coffee I am now rather fond of, and I say usual, but I very rarely go to coffee shops, it’s what I have when I do). Unfortunately the caramel slice didn’t really go with it, the vanilla also removed any after taste of the slice, but I have heard that it ‘has an odd aftertaste. (Mind you, that was posted over a year ago). Having no aftertaste is good though.

The slice, frankly, is expensive. My journalism teacher will disagree with me, but I am a student with little money. A slice with the dimensions 5.6cm x 6.5cm x 2.5cm thick, costs £1.49 to go, or £1.79 to eat in, which is bit extravagant. I guess that extra 30p goes towards their bill for heating, because it sure was warm inside.

This is the first time I’ve gone to the trouble of sitting in doors and taking notes. I thought it best to go upstairs where I thought it would be out of the way. But I attracted the attention of little girl and no doubt her parents as I photographed my plate. Sadly the focus on the camera doesn’t like close-ups so the images are a little out of focus.

Anyway, onto the slice itself. Immediate notice is the thickness of the chocolate, which was about the same as the caramel, so that was quite good, the base was thick, over a centimetre – up to 1.5cm. A thick base is good, it holds it together, and the caramel is creamy and strong to keep the chocolate on top.

The chocolate top was not flat, but uneven which I quite liked, but by George was it hard to get my teeth through. When my teeth finally did crack the chocolate a shockwave rippled through breaking the top like something out of Ice Age (film). My fingers then slid into a lake of caramel. Not only this but the base crumbled in an avalanche to my tiny plate, equipped with serviette for sticky fingers. The base, aside from this falling-apart state, had a nice shortbread taste.

The overall taste is good, but nothing special, and the caramel alone tastes a little bland, which isn’t brilliant as, after all, it is a caramel slice.

I’ve started having a good smell of the slices, but I know, the smell doesn’t affect the taste, but it smelt of a caramelised mild cheddar… Yes, I thought that was weird too. Thankfully it didn’t taste of cheese.

Lastly my slice came with a knife, I wasn’t sure what for, but I had a go at cutting it, and with the chocolate being so thick, I was sawing for a short while, then it cracked, released another shockwave, sticky fingers followed, the caramel squeezed out the sides, and the base exploded into a powdery mess… If you get a knife don’t try to cut it.

6.7 out of 10

So this is the best slice that can be bought all over the UK, but if you want to save money and still enjoy a slice, somewhere in the UK, go to Iceland or Greggs. Plus you can get a coffee from Greggs, probably cheaper too.

The important stuff:

(17.03.12)Per slice:

1775 KJ/426KCAL of Energy

3.6g of Protein

26.5g of Fat

17.2g of Saturated Fat

1.0g of Fibre

43g of Carbohydrates

28.8g of Sugar

821mg of Salt

323mg of Sodium


5 thoughts on “Costa, UK

  1. hi,

    i myself too am a fan of caramel shortbread, and find Costa slice to be one of my fav! yes it may be a lttle more expensive, but you get good value for money. The chocolate and caramel… yumm! best i have tasted!

    have you tried Lidl Northwood caramel shorcake? This has 4 slices and is only 89p – this is also a winner!

    i enjoy reading your posts!

  2. Hi Lou–I have to admire the kind of guy who will devote a blog to chocolate caramel slices. Well done! Just had a slice myself from the shop downtown (New Jersey, USA), and it was okay. But I think they used oil and not butter, and it was too sweet for me. Thanks for the inspiration; I’ll keep trying. And thanks for stopping by eve’s apple!

    ~Marisa (

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