What do you taste?

I want you to tell me what you think of my reviews.

I also want you to go and try the slices that I have reviewed and then give me your opinion. I will then read them and post them as a blog, with your name at the bottom.

I realise if you live far away from Sunderland or Tenby you are limited to the main shops, Iceland, Greggs and Boots. But I challenge you to make your own. Can’t find a recipe? There is the recipe I used at Exclusively Food, or on the side of the Sweetened Milk, that they sell in Tesco, is a recipe.

Or find a place I havent discovered yet.

So I want you to make a slice or buy a slice, write a review of your own, as long as you like, two words if you must, and drop it into the comment box below this post.

Get those teeth chewing! and those hands typing!


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