Boots, UK

The search is still on for the UK’s best caramel slice, I’ve just given the search a bit of a break. I’ve always kept my eye out, and I still want all of you to give me suggestions of places. Or buy me a slice, and I will give you the money for it. Or better yet, make me one, but don’t use maple syrup (what a fool I was).


  So here is Boots‘ attempt at a caramel slice, made in Nottingham especially for Boots.

8.5 x 3.8 x 2cm, 2cm being the thickness, and I am detecting a pattern through slices thickness. 2cm seems to be the average, with Havershams, so far, being the thickest.

But size isn’t everything, although a good size with a good price is very welcome. The price of this is £1.10, or that is £1.03 in the meal deal option (that’s a sandwich, a drink and a cake or a packet crisps, all coming to £3.29). The price compared to the size is a bit much, with relation to Milligans (see earlier posts), Boots is just over half the size, and the thickness is the same.

Boots is a well-known shop so I guess the high price (I realise some of you will argue, that it is not a very high price, but in comparison to other slices it is) is expected. So is it any better than the likes of Milligans?

No… Shall we leave it there? Or do you want to know why?


Overall, it is quite a nice tasting slice. (‘Nice’ is a word I am not supposed to use, but fits this slice quite well..)

The chocolate is good, but it is nothing special, but they can’t exactly stick Cadbury on, without a few heads turning. The caramel is very chewy, but is soft, and I like that. It’s the first I’ve had that is like that. It’s softness means it wont become lodged in your teeth, even though it takes a bit of gnashing to break it up. The base is shortbread, moderately crumbly, buttery and very tasty; that’s really how shortbread ought to be.

On biting in, your teeth fly through and meet in the middle so you can really taste it all together. It’s a well made slice, very tasty, and your fingers don’t get sticky. I was very excited about how different the taste is, and I couldn’t put a finger on what it reminded me of, however by the last bite, I got bored with it, and I don’t like it when that happens.

One really bizarre and totally annoying and off-putting thing, was how it smelt of black liquorice or aniseed. It was faint, but almost certainly there. I closed my nose after that.

The last note I wrote down was that it reminded me of toffee, golden syrup and digestives, which makes a lot sense really. Aside from the digestive taste which I believe I got from the caramel.

So why isn’t it better than Milligans?

Well I just wasn’t satisfied enough. I will go back to Milligans, like I do Havershams (I go there every Tuesday), but I wont be returning to Boots anytime, unless I fancy the Meal Deal, and even then I am likely to go for the chocolate brownie rather than the caramel shortbread or millionaire shortbread as it is called on the price label.

So it’s close but no cigar, it gets a 6.3 out of 10.

Who wants to eat a caramel slice that smells of aniseed?

I was just about to post this, when I read the carboard that it came in. The description on the side read: ‘there are many versions of this classic, but consider this a masterpiece.’ I think they put the wrong cake in the box, this a masterpiece?? You’re pulling my leg, right? Talk about false advertising. Ha! I suppose they have to sell it some how.


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