My Kitchen, Sunderland

Due to my keen interest in Caramel Slices, and the lovely internet with all its lovely bloggers, I found a caramel slice recipe and set about making my own.

I have to say first off, that if you intend on making your own caramel slice or any other cake really, stick to the recipe and the ingredients it says. Don’t do what I did. After walking around Tesco’s for a while I couldn’t find the Golden Syrup, but what I could find was Maple Syrup. I thought to myself, there both syrup, how different can they be? Well…one heck of a lot actually.

I followed the recipe and the base came along nicely. The base contains a lot of coconut, too much in my opinion. I accidentally put my finger through base as I tried to see how hard it was…it wasn’t hard…

Next, the caramel, made of butter, Golden Syrup and sweetened condensed milk. I followed the instructions butter – and maple syrup in my case, in a sauce pan then the milk is added. I had to be constantly stirring it so the ingredients would mix, but I noticed it wasn’t very thick, but after the amount of time needed, I poured it over the baked base and then put it into the oven, I hoped the baking would harden it. It sort of did. The top went crusty and brown.

I had to leave that to cool, and then could melt the chocolate for the top. I then poured the chocolate over the top, but the caramel hadn’t cooled yet.

It all then went in the fridge where it was supposed to take half an hour to cool, to a point that would be good for cutting.

Mine took 4 hours…

By the time it had cooled I sliced up and had a piece to try. The caramel hadn’t set so it was very runny and very sticky, and even after that very small bite I could tell it would be a very sickly slice.

The Maple Syrup flavour wasn’t great, it changed the flavour of the whole slice, it even dominated the coconut.

One upside was the chocolate, being Cadbury Milk it was lovely, the base on its own was good too.

My caramel slice gets one mark for base and one mark for chocolate,

so that’s 2 out of 10.

I am curious to know what the snack thief in my flat thought to it. Someone keeps taking my cakes, but they made a foul move going for the caramel slice, it saved me eating it though.

I am going to make the slice again seeing as I have found some Golden Syrup, and I will post the result of it on here.


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