Milligans, Sunderland

A trip to Wilkinsons brought me to Milligans after finding out Wilkos wasn’t open. I’d never been in before so was unsure what they sold, but at the far end of the counter sat a full plate of Caramel Slices – “Squares” was the actual name, but squares they weren’t.

8 x 6 x 2cm in size – 2cm being the thickness. Compared to Havershams (see early blog posts) it is smaller but more expensive at 85p per slice. This would suggest that Milligans had to be better, surely?

Not better, but different.

First bite, first observation: An interesting base crumbled away in my mouth, falling into a powdery state. This was like nothing I have had before. I immediately compared it to brown bread (randomly), unlike shortbread which is the white bread equivalent. I’m not referring to the colour, but the taste. Milligans base had an organic taste – yeah, that doesn’t make a lot of sense..

Further bites in and it hit me, Digestive biscuits, that’s what the base was made of compact digestive biscuits plus sugar and held together with butter. It has been a while since I’ve tasted Digestives, so I enjoyed the taste very much.

The caramel was a standard, recognizable taste, the consistency was good but closer to liquid than solid (but not a problem). The ratio throughout was brilliant for its size; caramel matched the size of the base and the chocolate was thin but strong enough for the slice to manage.

The taste of the chocolate was nothing exceptional, just your average cake chocolate, most likely cooking chocolate – good enough for a cake, but doesn’t taste that nice on its own. What seems to be common with slices that have a soft base, is that it takes both sets of teeth to break through the chocolate. With harder bases your teeth meet in the middle, this means you can enjoy all of the slice together as one. With a soft base you enjoy the base and caramel before the chocolate.

This is an afternoon or in fact late evening caramel slice, one that you can enjoy whilst having a cup of tea. PG Tips in my case. Although its base tastes like digestive I wouldn’t dunk it in your tea, the base would simply disappear into your drink, like water hitting a sand castle.

Apparently, when I eat something I like, I nod my head in approval. This is a head nodding caramel slice. (I just wish it was cheaper).

7 out of 10

Apologies about the image, the caramel slice became “broken in transit.”


3 thoughts on “Milligans, Sunderland

    • It is brittle. Milligans is next to the Metro station, I thought whilst eating it, ‘It wouldn’t be good for on the Metro, you would make quite a mess.’
      No, I havent had the chance to go to Newcastle yet. I’m tied down with Uni work, but when I get a day free I’ll go for a Caramel Slice day out. Haha. There are still plenty of places to explore in Sunderland before then anyway. 🙂

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