Iceland, UK

I never expected much from Iceland’s try at caramel slices, although I had been recommended them and a friend is convinced they are the best slice ever, or at least that they’ve tried.

For £1 you get to feast on 7 rather than 5 of the cakes, that’s 2 extra free than usual. So that’s 20p each and then the 2 free or 14p each out of all of them. That’s damn cheap…so they can’t be that good?

Well, an attractive box cover promotes the slices lying on a plate, don’t be fooled, the slices don’t actually look like that. The caramel is much darker and so is the base, the chocolate is the same colour though. (Slightly off topic, but if the chocolate were a different colour, would it be a different flavour…a dark chocolate caramel slice, or white chocolate?! Tell me they make those…that sounds tempting, don’t you think?).

Anyway, the box is obviously trying to promote the slices (it did well, I bought some after all), the description (something we havent had on bakery bought ones) says: “Delicious crunchy biscuit base topped with a thick layer of caramel and real milk chocolate.” That’s a good sentence, they sound good.

I’m going to tell you the truth behind that statement:

“Delicious crunchy biscuit base” More like soggy crumbly compact biscuit base. Delicious? Yes, it is quite tasty.

“Thick layer of caramel” Ha! Thick? I don’t think so. It would only be thick if you were an insect. Plus due to the consistency of the caramel and its liquid resemblance (much like Greggs) the base and caramel combine as the biscuit soaks up the caramel, so its hard to tell where the biscuit ends and the caramel starts. But it isn’t thick…

“Real milk chocolate” I can’t argue here, it is Milk Chocolate indeed. It does taste a bit like Milka chocolate bars, but that could just be me. One criticism on the chocolate is the hardness of it compared to the soggy base and caramel mixture, it doesn’t fit in. It’s like it has been placed into a group that it really doesn’t belong to. So the moment you bite into it, your teeth shoot through the base and caramel and hit the chocolate. A good caramel slice should let your teeth meet in the centre of the slice, not mid chocolate.

So overall the cover of the box, lies in words and picture, but there are definitely 7 slices rather than 5.

A few facts for you: No hydrogenated fats, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and no GM ingredients. It’s good to know that, isn’t it?

It’s also veggie friendly, but does contain coconut, (which I thought a bit odd – The image of eating a caramel slice and finding a coconut inside, popped into my head…that would have to be a big caramel slice…) gluten, milk and soya are also contained.

It also says to store in a cool, dry place. I stored mine under the sink in my room, the last one tasted the same as when I first opened them on the day of purchase.

The taste is quite good, so I can understand people having a liking for them, and they’d be good for a party…for children. They are not a caramel slice for an adult (sorry to all you adults who eat Iceland caramel slices) but the consistency isn’t strong enough for the older person. They are a friend for a childs fingers and an enemy to everything those fingers touch.

Due to the okay taste and the size of the slices (7 x 2.3 x 2 cm – 2 being the thickness) they are gone very quickly (this explains why I don’t have a photograph of an individual slice). They are worth 14p each. I wouldn’t pay 20p for one of them though, unless you always got two free.

5.6 out of 10

There must be a decent caramel slice that a store or supermarket sells all over the country, someone enlighten me to it please.


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