Twix, UK

I received an email today from a friend and reader, he gave me an article on a different kind of caramel slice. But when you think about it, it is very similar.

Golden Charms

Not strictly speaking a “slice”, but the Twix Xtra can show the local independents a thing or two when it comes to creating the perfect caramel topped chocolate biscuit. It’s so good they have to put two of them in the packet!

At 85 pence for 85 grams, the Xtra is great value and has the almost perfect chocolate (35%) to caramel (32%) to biscuit (26%) ratio. Its 418 calories will provide a growing man with 20% of his daily energy needs. Plus the tiny 20 grams of fat per bar will hardly be noticed on his waistline.

The Twix Xtra scores highly on taste and texture. The creamy Mars chocolate caresses the tongue and the rich shortcake biscuit snaps excitedly between the teeth. The soft gooey caramel explodes in the mouth and dribbles playfully over the open lips.

Better than the taste however, is the sharing sensation the Twix Xtra positively encourages:

Approaching a lady in a bus queue with a bag of Greggs slices may result in personal injury, but breaking into the attractive golden wrapper, slowly pushing up one of the biscuits and offering it to her, is almost guaranteed to start a conversation whether she takes it or not.

The Twix Xtra is not a caramel slice in the classic sense, yet has all the pleasures and attributes that the aficionado desires. It’s an indulgent but affordable personal pleasure that can easily be shared with others.

It certainly sticks its two fingers up at convention.

Written by David Ryan


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