Greggs, UK

Greggs is a very popular shop indeed. Particularly in Sunderland, with there being at least 10, around the city. They are always full at dinner time with queues leading out into the street. I wonder how many people buy their caramel ‘shortbread’.

The slices are sold four to a pack, at £1.65 that works out at 41p each. I’ve always found Greggs prices to be slightly too high, particularly with me being a student. But I am willing to buy their pack every so often.

Immediately I notice their base is much less compact than the likes of Havershams and therefore when trying to eat them you make a crumbly mess. Being solely shortbread base, the taste is very good. But then with every bite a little bit more of the base falls to the floor, which is like throwing a small amount of that £1.65 into the cracks in the pavement

The caramel is more a liquid than a solid, which creates a sea for the chocolate to float on. Unfortunately this causes the chocolate to slide off the slice and also dig down and push some of the caramel out, or it lifts up the back at which point your fingers become sticky (which makes your keyboard messy when trying to write about it). The taste however, is quite lovely, but I find if you have too many slices from Greggs, say you eat all four one after the other, it becomes very sickly and unpleasant. I do not recommend splitting the slice up and eating it in separate layers, the caramel becomes unbearable

Eat all three layers together. It’s possible to enjoy the caramel and the shortbread together, but then the chocolate tastes cheap on its own (which it probably is). The chocolate layer is thin but acceptable and the caramel layer is about twice the thickness of the caramel, but this is more than acceptable, any more in that liquid-like state and it would be hard to digest. Overall, the three layers share a good thickness.

Rating: Well for a simple light snack at an okay price, made as a batch unit and most likely by a machine. it’s not too bad. 5.1 out of 10. If it were hand-made and tasted like it does, it might even lose marks.

I would recommend this caramel slice if there were no other bakeries near where you lived, that sold the slice. Otherwise, hand made ones are likely to be better. And I will find out if this true, throughout my consuming journey.


6 thoughts on “Greggs, UK

  1. I’ve never been a fan of the Greggs Caramel Slice. I find the degrees of firmness of the alternate layers quite illogical. The biscuit base is powdery soft and incapable of supporting the overly sweet and moderately metallic tasting toffee layer. The chocolate is too firm, almost plastic like and not at all chocolatey. It’s almost as if Mr Gregg intends his slices to be stored and consumed inverted.
    The ideal slice should have a firm dunkable base layer, soft squeezable caramel and quality creamy milk chocolate. My search continues.

  2. I walked past a new Greggs concept restaurant yesterday. “Greggs Moments” in Northumberland Street, Newcastle is an upmarket cafe serving speciality teas, espresso coffees and a new range of pastries and cakes all in a posh, mahogany clad, open fronted pavement cafe.

    It set me wondering if a caramel slice consumed in such surroundings would score higher due to the perceived quality of the product?

    I quickly devised a double blind trial, obtained ethical consent and attracted a group of willing volunteers, but Greggs was full of nanas supping tea so we couldn’t get in.

    A slice in the hand is worth two in the shop.

    • That’s quite a funny story. I’ll try and check that out when I go to Newcastle.
      I noticed that on the town entrance side of the Bridges here in Sunderland, there is a Greggs cafe, which is probably different to the “Greggs Moments,” but I did notice it was full of old people.

  3. I am much in love with the caramel slice and have found it difficult to firstly find one which is not over priced and secondly does not taste too sickly.
    Until recently the last time I had eaten a Greggs caramel slice was some years ago. Two days ago, whilst eating said slice I noticed that the base actually tastes nothing like shortbread but of the semi compacted crumbs of leftover floor swept biscuits and the chocolate was of the similar kind found in those unbranded chocolate gold coins where the sugary flavour seen the strip the throat when swallowing.
    Forgive me if these comparisons appear a little harsh, but I have made better out of my own kitchen, however as I can not be chewed with the washing up involved I remain eating various incarnations of the caramel / millionaire shortbread until I find one which make me fill up with caramel joy xx

    • I haven’t had a Greggs slice since October, maybe their recipe has changed and their base is different, or my views on shortbread are a bit off. I’ll have to have some again, and see if I agree with your statement.
      I agree with the chocolate, I wrote that it seems cheap, chocolate coins afterall are made of cheap chocolate (they aren’t cheap to buy though, for what they are :L).
      I’m glad you have success in making your own, I seem to struggle with mine.
      What is your favourite caramel slice to date?
      Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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