The Caramel Slice Life

Where in the United Kingdom can you buy the best caramel slice? It has to offer a lot but not too much, have the correct thickness between chocolate, caramel and base. And the flavour and the feel of it in your mouth has to be better than anything you have ever eaten.

My challenge is to find that very caramel slice. With a review of the best, the worst and the mediocre I will present my findings to you, my readers, and recommend the best place to go. Having already tried a few I have a starter for this site, throw in a main course, and when we reach the desert it will be the ultimate caramel slice that the UK has to offer.

I would appreciate suggestions, from all over and I will try to go there and have a day of tasting. But to begin with if you know a place in the North East of England or in Lincolnshire, this would be a great start.


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